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Sad but heroic deaths SPOILERS

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7/26/2013 12:39:30 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
When a character dies for the sake of other characters to survive in movies, TV, video games or books.

The Iron Giant
Near the end of the film, the government guy orders a nuke to be launched at the giant, who happens to be at the center of a town. In order to save the town, the giant flies up and gets hit by the nuke in space, saving everyone.

Donnie Darko
At the end of the film, Donnie travels back in time to the start of the film where he was supposed to die, thus reversing everything that had happened in the film and saving Gretchen.

Wrath of Khan
Near the end, the ship is in critical condition. The only way to save the ship and everyone onboard is to manually fix the core which is a highly irradiated area. Spock goes into the core and fixes it, saving Kirk and everyone else, but dies after.

I Am Legend
At the ending, the lab is being overrun by zombies. Robert gets the girl and her son into a safe section of the room, while zombies surround the window. As a a zombie starts smashing it, Robert pulls a grenade out of a drawer. He pulls the pin and charges at the window just as the zombie breaks through and they're both blown up as well as the rest of the zombies