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A search at the rules in some Olympic sports

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3/4/2014 9:03:37 PM
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A search at the rules and scoring for some Olympic sports:</p><br/><p>EQUESTRIAN</p><br/><p>Team and person medals are awarded for each and every of the three<br/>Olympic equestrian disciplines. Men and females riders compete<br/>right against each other. Global-degree horses are<br/>experts and do not cross-enter events.</p><br/><p>-Dressage utilizes normal exams divided into movements, every single<br/>scored from -10 by judges placed close to the arena. Total marks are<br/>conver ted to a final percentage score. Three riders make up a team,<br/>and all scores count. A additional freestyle trip, scored on each<br/>compulsory and artistic elements a lot like figure skating,<br/>determines person medals.</p><br/><p>-Present Jumping is contested in an arena more than massive obstacles.<br/>Teams incorporate four riders, and 1 score is dropped. Riders are<br/>penalized if their horse knocks down or refuses a jump or exceeds a<br/>time limit. In the situation of ties, there is a leap-off.</p><br/><p>-Eventing contains an simpler dressage check and demonstrate jumping<br/>program but adds a cross-nation course that tests speed, endurance<br/>and agility over demanding fixed obstacles. Riders are penalized on<br/>cross-country for refusals, falls and for exceeding the time limit.<br/>Lower score wins. Teams contain five riders, and two scores are<br/>dropped.</p><br/><p>---</p><br/><p>FENCING:</p><br/><p>It is difficult at first to distinguish among fencing's 3<br/>disciplines - epee, foil and saber. The greatest differences involve<br/>the target regions. In epee, the whole entire body is deemed part of<br/>the target. In foil, the target region is smaller - from the<br/>shoulders to the groin in front and to the waist in back. In saber,<br/>the target zone is everywhere over the waist except the hands.</p><br/><p>In foil and epee, only the tip can score touches in saber, the<br/>side of the blade can score a touch. Points are recorded<br/>electronically, with fencers sporting a jacket that includes metal<br/>fibers. One stage is scored when the weapon, which also has an<br/>electrical wire operating via it, touches an opponent's jacket and<br/>completes the circuit.</p><br/><p>---</p><br/><p>Area HOCKEY</p><br/><p>Discipline hockey features eleven players per group, which includes a<br/>goalkeeper. Padded and masked like his ice hockey counterpart, the<br/>goalie is the only player allowed to use their hands and feet.</p><br/><p>Gamers use a hooked stick, of which the appropriate side is rounded.<br/>There are no left-handed sticks. Ambitions can be scored from the field<br/>within the shooting circle (in fact a semi-circle in front of<br/>purpose), penalty corners, and penalty strokes, which are 1-on-1 with<br/>the goalie.</p><br/><p>The ball is equivalent in size and fat to a cricket ball.</p><br/><p>Gamers can be penalized if the ball is raised in the air and is<br/>a danger to other folks.</p><br/><p>A regulation match is two 35-minute halves. Further time is added<br/>if needed, then a penalty shootout if required.</p><br/><p>The Olympic teams are divided into two pools of 6. The leading two<br/>in each pool advance to semifinals. Semifinal winners play for the<br/>gold and silver medals. Semifinal losers play for the bronze.</p><br/><p>---</p><br/><p>GYMNASTICS</p><br/><p>The excellent ten is gone, but the scoring program in gymnastics is<br/>pretty effortless to comprehend. You'll see two scores for every routine:<br/>the D score (believe problems) is the numerical value of the abilities<br/>in the routine, while the E score (believe execution) displays how<br/>properly the expertise have been accomplished. D scores, assigned by a two-judge panel,<br/>ought to selection from the large 5s to the large 6s. For the E score, the<br/>5-judge panel commences with a ten. score, and deducts from there<br/>for mistakes, flaws and violations.</p><br/><p>Include the D and E scores together and there's your total. Scores<br/>in London ought to be in the 14s and 15s. If you see a score of 16 or<br/>greater, a person did one thing really, actually great. A score of 12 or<br/>below? Not so a lot.</p><br/><p>A complete of 98 males and 98 ladies earned spots in London: 12<br/>5-person teams, and 38 additional gymnasts. Qualifying sets the<br/>stage for the complete competitors at the Olympics, identifying who<br/>will be vying for medals in the group competition, occasion finals and<br/>the biggest prize of all, the person all-all around.</p><br/><p>For the crew competition, four gymnasts per crew compete on each<br/>apparatus during qualifying - stability beam, vault, uneven bars,<br/>floor exercise for the girls, floor workout, pommel horse, even now<br/>rings, vault, parallel bars and high bar for the males - and the<br/>lowest score on every single apparatus is dropped. The leading eight teams move<br/>on to the crew finals, exactly where scores begin from scratch and the<br/>format alterations.</p><br/><p>Every single group makes use of three gymnasts on every single apparatus, and all three<br/>scores count. You are going to at times hear this referred to as 'three-up,<br/>3-count,' and it truly is a substantial-threat, large-reward format. Break out<br/>the tough, big-scoring routines, and a spot on the podium could be<br/>yours. Make a mistake or two, and you can kiss your medal<br/>goodbye.</p><br/><p>The 24 gymnasts with the highest individual scores in qualifying<br/>advance to the all-all around finals, with a limit of two per country.<br/>The leading eight gymnasts on each and every event in qualifying make event<br/>finals, also with a limit of two per country. Scoring starts from<br/>scratch in the two the all-close to and event finals.</p><br/><p>---</p><br/><p>HANDBALL</p><br/><p>Staff handball is played on a 40 by twenty-meter indoor court, the<br/>largest court for any Olympic indoor ball sport. A single match attributes<br/>two teams consisting of 7 players, such as one goalkeeper.<br/>Gamers can move all more than the court though only the goalkeeper is<br/>allowed within the goal line - a half circle 6 meters in front of<br/>the purpose.</p><br/><p>The aim is to throw the ball into the opponent's objective. Every single<br/>effective try is well worth one stage. The team that scores most<br/>factors in the course of two periods of thirty minutes taking part in time wins the<br/>match. If it truly is tied after 60 minutes, an overtime consisting of two<br/>five-minute periods is played. If there is even now no winner, the<br/>teams move to a penalty shootout.</p><br/><p>The men 's and women's tournaments at the London Games each and every have<br/>12 teams which will be drawn into two groups of 6. All teams in<br/>one group play every other once. The 4 best teams in every group<br/>advance to the knockout stages, starting with the<br/>quarterfinals.</p><br/><p>---</p><br/><p>JUDO</p><br/><p>The object of judo is to throw your opponent 'with management and<br/>force' onto the ir back or to pin them down for 25 seconds, by a<br/>stranglehold or arm lock. Both of those moves scores an<br/>'ippon,' or ten factors, which ends the match quickly. Factors<br/>are awarded by the referee and two judges sitting at opposite<br/>corners of the mat, or tatami.</p><br/><p>There are various other scores awarded:</p><br/><p>-A waza-azari scores seven points and is awarded when fighters<br/>nearly sc ore an ippon by throwing their competitor onto their back<br/>but with out manage or force, or holding them down for twenty to 24<br/>seconds. Two waza-azari plays constitute an ippon and ends the<br/>battle.</p><br/><p>-A yuko is well worth 5 points and is generally awarded if a<br/>fighter throws their o