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Plushenko on thin ice after Olympic dropout

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3/4/2014 9:04:29 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
SOCHI, Russia (AP)</h3><br/><p>4 days after being praised as a hero for helping Russia win<br/>its initial gold at the Sochi Olympics, Evgeni Plushenko on Friday<br/>was taking criticism for dropping out of the men's figure<br/>skating.</p><br/><p>Plushenko had just one particular massive backer Friday: Russian President<br/>Vladimir Putin.</p><br/><p>Plushenko's robust overall performance in the staff occasion brought broad<br/>accolades for his determination to overcome injury. But on Thursday<br/>he withdrew before the men's short system, complaining of extreme<br/>spinal ache throughout the warmup.</p><br/><p>Plushenko was Russia's only guys singles skater in Sochi. He won<br/>the slot in a closed exhibition skate that cut out Maxim Kovtun,<br/>who beat him in the Russian nationals.</p><br/><p>Amid his critics was longtime rival Alexei Yagudin, the 2002<br/>Olympic gold medalist. He told the R-Sport news company he supports<br/>'people who go to the finish.'</p><br/><p>'I feel Zhenya will understand my words,' he mentioned, using the<br/>familiar model of Plushenko's name. 'We always competed through<br/>the ache.'</p><br/><p>The decision of Plushenko as the sole Russian man was debatable.<br/>Even though he was the dominant skater the prev ious 15 years, with an<br/>Olympic gold and two silvers before coming to Sochi, he is 31 many years<br/>previous and underwent back surgical procedure a year in the past. When he was picked,<br/>advocates argued his lengthy global expertise created him a<br/>more powerful option than the 18-yr-outdated Kovtun.</p><br/><p>But that came under sharp questioning Friday.</p><br/><p>'You must go when it's time,' Ruslan Nugmatullin, a former<br/>Russian national soccer goalkeeper stated on Twitter. 'Kovtun earned<br/>the correct to participate in Sochi2014.'</p><br/><p>Alexei Urmanov, the 1994 Olympic gold-medal winner, suggested<br/>that Plushenko's hubris backfired.</p><br/><p>'It's on the conscience of Zhenya, the group and the<br/>federation,' he was quote d by R-Sport.</p><br/><p>Putin, who has made the Sochi Olympics a personal venture,<br/>wouldn't join the Plushenko-bashing.</p><br/><p>'He performed in the group occasion and showed his greatest result,'<br/>Putin stated, in accordance to Russian information companies. 'He genuinely does<br/>have a big difficulty with his wellness he has had a number of<br/>operations.'</p><br/><p>To some politicians, Plushenko's withdrawal was a blow to<br/>Russia's nationwide pride.</p><br/><p>'Perform by way of the ache for the honor of the nation,' Igor<br/>Lebedev, a parliament member from the nationalist Liberal<br/>Democrats, stated on Twitter.</p><br/><p>Elena Vaitse khovskaya, the figure ska ting correspondent for<br/>Russia's Sport-Express newspaper, appeared weary not only of the<br/>intrigue behind Plushenko's variety but also of the appearances<br/>of his flamboyant wife, Yana Rudkovskaya, in the mixed zone to<br/>assistance him.</p><br/><p>'All of this was reminiscent of an incompetently directed stage<br/>display,' she wrote. 'It became harder and more difficult t o sympathize with<br/>the athlete.'</p><br/><p>'The one-man demonstrate in Sochi has concluded. Real sport has<br/>begun,' she said in the newspaper's Friday edition.</p><br/><p>But a lot more complaints may possibly even now come.</p><br/><p>'After Sochi, the federation will have to response for its<br/>decision,' nationalist lawmaker Vladimir Zhirinovsky said.</p>