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Best of J Roc Video

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3/10/2014 6:59:26 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
J Roc's character (for those who don't watch TPB) is a white dude who honestly thinks he is black lol


J Roc: "Know'm sayin'? Everybody walking on the face of the Earth trying to judge J Roc know'm sayin'? Know'm sayin' but I aint shook cuz mah F*ckas tryna take me out and stuff but they can't right know'm sayin'?

T: "You saying know'm sayin' too many times... 80, 90 times? That's too many times. Once or twice is cool, but 80 or 90 times maaan?!

J Rock: "What are you from the department of know'm sayings? You counting my know'm sayins? I thought we were hanging out right?

T: "80 or 90 times? That's too many know'm sayins, know'm sayin?

J rock: "Why you on my jock, Know'm sayin? I'm just tryna have a good time know'm sayin? And you counting my know'm sayins"

T: "That's too many times"

J Rock: "How am I supposed to be myself when you countin my know'm sayings all the time you know'm sayin?"