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Kabuto is the most annoying person in Naruto.

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3/29/2014 7:43:07 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
He really is. Kabuto is a really annoying character. He's so annoying because he thinks he's a big shot. He relies so much on Reanimation and it's pathetic. In actuality, Kabuto is weak. Yeah, he was able to fight back at Tsunade. But, compared to other people like Naruto and Sasuke, he's weak. The only reason why he was able to combat Itachi and Sasuke was because he was in Sage Mode. To be honest, that's really the only time I saw him fight without reanimation. If you take out Reanimation and Sage Mode, Kabuto is nothing. He can be beaten easily by Naruto. Yeah, Naruto relies so much on the Nine Tails and Sage Mode. And, Sasuke relies so much on his Susano'. And, Minato relies so much on Teleportation. But, I can say, by himself, Naruto is decently strong. Kabuto, by himself, is weak. Reanimation is super overpowered. All Kabuto does is hide in his little cave with Anko and spam Reanimation up the a**. The only time I remember him fight without Sage Mode or Reanimation was that fight with Tsunade. That's it. But, Naruto can probably beat Tsunade by himself.
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