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Naruto: Predicting the end SPOILERS!!!!

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3/29/2014 7:48:35 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
Prediction #1
I think what will happen is Might Guy will beat the s**t out of Madara in his Evening Elephant. Then, Naruto and Sasuke will wake up and go at it again at Madara. I've heard that Kabuto will give Sasuke the Rinnegan. Naruto will probably help Sasuke kill Madara and then Madara will die. HAPPY ENDING!

Prediction #2
Kabuto will probably give Sasuke AND Naruto the Rinnegan and then beat the s**t out of Madara at the same time.

Prediction #3
Naruto will probably do something to the Ten Tails in Madara, and it will resist and he will explode or something.

What do you think will happen in the end of the Naruto series?
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