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"How I Met YM" Finale: Awful, or Terrible?

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3/31/2014 9:32:51 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
Please discuss which aspects of the finale you thought were the worstl

The rushed nature of the finale?

The total abandonment of the importance of the mother?

The arbitrary focus on Robin after establishing how Ted had grown past the relationship?

In the golden age of television where shows like Breaking Bad, The Wire, Walking Dead, etc. are working toward the character development and coherency expected of more mature medium, HIMYM just makes me want to punch someone in the throat.

I mean, if you are going to shove glurgy fantasy down people's throat, at least have the balls to stick with it.

This ending was just the most arbitrary POS.
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4/1/2014 10:47:56 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
well i expected a twist ending, but i was not satisfied, but otherwise, im glad that im done with this tv show, it was funny at moments, it went down but in the end,... no comment. they planned it all the way from the beginning but it felt like one hell of a troll, and today happened to be April Fool's day
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4/2/2014 12:47:00 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
For the past three season we have known that Barney and Robin were going to get married, and the entire last season was centered on their wedding. Many fans, including myself, liked Robin with Barney more than Robin with Ted. To have spent the majority of three seasons building up to this point, just to have it come crashing down in less than five minutes was a terrible way to end their relationship. It also really altered Barney's growth throughout the course of the show, while the baby just seemed to have been thrown in to try to show that Barney has changed.

If Ted and Robin had continued their off and on again relationship throughout the course of the show, I think fans may have wanted them to end up together. This way, when they were saddened by the fact that the mother was dead, there would be that instant joy of seeing that Ted and Robin end up together. Instead I'm just sad that Barney and Robin split up, sad that the wife died, sad that they grew apart over the years, and could not care less that Robin and Ted end up together.
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4/2/2014 10:48:40 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
Yeah, it was pretty bad. By pretty bad, of course, I mean quite bad. Not the worst sitcom finale I've ever seen (I'm talking to you, Will & Grace), but the fact that the finale did so very much to undermine the premise and the characters makes it especially devastating.

I mean, I get it. The story was never really about how he met the mother, and that was just a line he told his children (whether he was aware of it or not) to better explain his feelings for Robin. The problem, though, is that the audience was treated quite literally like children.

That is to say, the show was presented to us the same way it was presented to the children: as a lie. The difference being, while the children were aware that this whole thing was a twist (the mother was dead and their dad shows his feelings for Robin when she comes around), we weren't. The audience took the story for what is was, and thus feels justifiably insulted by it all being thrown away in moments.

I don't need to go into details about the terrible character endings, the rushed feel, and the joke that was the swift introduction and removal of the mother. The internet has done that for us.
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4/2/2014 11:28:37 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
At 4/2/2014 10:49:05 PM, Maikuru wrote:
inb4 bluesteel loved the finale.

Just kidding =)

lol, I'm tempted to disagree with you. You said it wasn't the worst finale of all time. I think if not for Dexter, it might be.

Seriously, I hate this show. I kept watching out of obligation. It hasn't been funny for like 5 seasons. They foreshadow everything, so there's no suspense. "Oh, btw, there's gonna be a really cool goat story. Haha, I forgot, that doesn't happen this season, it happens later. Haha, okay, the goat, finally. Yeah, it wasn't really very funny. Oh btw, Barney and Robin get married." It ruins everything to foreshadow it, unless I actually cared about what they were foreshadowing. But I don't care about a stupid goat.

The other plot device that the writers apparently thought was cool was cutaways/flashbacks/flashforwards. They overused those like crazy in the past few seasons, and even more so in the final season. The stupid writers decided to do the whole season in the Inn, so they had to do flashbacks/forwards so they could show New York scenes. Which is dumb. The whole episodes of "oh, that's the last time I'm drinking" {insert future scene of them drinking}. Oh, that dude. I hate that dude. I love that dude. I love to hate that dude. HIMYM became like Community but worse -- I can expect that the writer's thought of one gimmicky thing that they thought was cool and ran with it THE ENTIRE episode.

And f*** them for killing the mother in the final episode. I didn't even like the actress when they first chose her. Or her character. It's dumb that they're like the same person. But then they provide backstory, and it finally makes sense. Those stupid sh**ty writers finally are able to write enough character development into the show that I actually kind of like the mother and am okay with her being the show's ending and them ending up together. They kind of make a cute couple. And finally, when you have some closure and you think Ted is doing okay in life, the narrator (stupid Bob Saget) says, "oh, btw, she died -- after like 6 years or something. Glad I got that time. oh btw, i really want to be with Robin. haha, BLUE HORN again. CUZ WE CAN'T WRITE ANYTHING NEW SO WE'LL JUST RECYCLE JOKES OVER AND OVER AGAIN."

This show sucks so bad that Jason Segel apologizes for being on the show in his public appearances. And he has arguably the best character on the show at the moment. Barney becomes a weak caricature with no character growth. It's also really dumb to build towards growth and closure with his and Robin's relationship. And destroy that with short thrift. Like within 30 seconds of real time of them actually getting married.

It shows disrespect for the fans. You're building towards something. Towards some sort of finality. Barney and Robin will be okay. They have both grown. He is finally completely honest with her. He writes the perfect vows. Lilly and Marshall are finally going to be okay -- they are going to move to Italy and then Marshall is going to become a judge (then they ruin that with him b*tching about his corporate job again, another recycled joke). Ted and guitar-girl are gonna be okay -- they are perfect for each other. She embodies everything Ted ever wanted. You can tell from the way he looks at her that this she is the embodiment of his lifelong struggle to find "the one."

And they ruin all of it.

They spent so long showing why Ted and Robin *could never work.* They had Ted -- in a heartfelt scene -- tell Robin that he was completely over here. Robin hates kids, and has been absent from her friends' lives for at least 6 years. But yet, Ted is still completely in love with her? And they are perfect together. Robin only says she should have ended up with Ted because THERE WAS NO ONE ELSE. They didn't like the same things. He didn't want to travel. He doesn't want 6 dogs (which are the same frickin 6 dogs from like 7 years ago -- wtf, dogs don't live forever).

And the worst part is -- they knew this twist was coming FROM SEASON 1. They filmed the stupid kids scene before the show even started. First episode -- "that's how i met your aunt Robin." Last episode -- trololololololol, I end up with Robin. That's stupid. When your show evolves and the characters change, you need a different ending. The original ending for Scrubs if it got cancelled in season 1 was that the janitor didn't exist and was merely a figment of JD's imagination. The stress from his medical internship caused him to have a psychotic break. At the end, JD would say something about the janitor and someone would look at him questioningly (kind of like that heartbreaking scene with Dr. Cox when he thinks he's at his son's birthday party and not at Ben's *******). STOP BEING STUPID LAZY WRITERS -- WRITE A NEW ENDING FOR THE SHOW SINCE ALL THE CHARACTERS HAVE CHANGED SO MUCH.

This lame twist ending would be about as good as if the ending of Lost was that the island itself was purgatory and everyone was dead the whole time. Even after the writers promised not to use that ending. You can't purposely lie to your fans for 9 seasons ("aunt Robin" my *ss) and then expect them to be happy with the ending.

I would have rather they just ended on the mother's death. I'd take depressing over stupid. Or better yet, kill off Ted. And say, "surprise kids, I'm not your dad, I'm Bob Saget. And we're gonna re-enact The Aristocrats. Today is not your lucky day."

I don't even care. I just hope no one who writes or produces that show gets another job in Hollywood. If I ever get tempted and watch HIMY Father, someone shoot me in the face.

Jason Segel -- I wish you left this show like a thousand years ago. Go write more cool sh*t like Forgetting Sarah Marshall
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