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So people think they're indie now?

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4/9/2014 6:16:42 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
I've written a podcast about people thinking they're indie for a university assignment. Please head over to this link to check it out, I'll be very grateful, It isn't very long and an interesting listen! Just a comment would be great!
So you think you're indie? | Music Radio Hud

Are you indie?

Being 'indie' is about a self-representation that highlights being different.

Our reporter, Heather Collins wanted to know where to culture came from and what makes being 'indie' such a unique and inviting culture.

'Indie' fans are a huge part of fashion, gigs, festivals and student nightlife.

Heather spoke to DJ Asha Hewitt and promoter Sofia Leadbetter about their daily encounters with 'Indians' or 'indiots' and why they feel intimidated when going to festivals and gigs.

The views in this podcast are very strongly directed that being 'indie' is a forced and pretentious way of life. If you're 'indie' or feel the same way as Asha or Sofia, then comment below and tell us what you think! Alternatively get in touch via Facebook and Twitter.

Another podcast will be uploaded in the next two weeks furthering the topic and responding to your views

- See more at: