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Chuck(the series) and Mind Control

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5/5/2014 6:45:52 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
What do you think about what this girl has to say?

Can you see it relating to Chuck? There are a lot of similarities. They both have handlers who are part of secret organizations, they are both used in foriegn relations. They both talk about mental programing.

I've know about MK Programming/Monarch programming. It wasn't until recently that I've been making the connections with Chuck as being a programmed agent that is only as good as the mental program that he can access.
I'm on season 4 maybe, it's because I've been taking the show in all at once rather than over a long period.

Season 1. New program, intersect is erattic and uncontrolable.
Season 2. Upgraded program, intersect can be used at will, until it is removed and Chuck becomes non functioning
Season 3. The intersect is Broken. Chuck cannot acces the intersect regularly and it causes great pain for him to use it. (I think this might be crossing over into season 4)
Season 4. Intersect fully functioning at will, with upgrades. Others are starting to get intersect abilities. Chuck is still the best intersect.

Just saying there seems to be some correlations between the mind control victims and the way Chuck is portreyed. What do you think?
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