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Doctor Who has offically jumped the shark

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7/10/2014 7:43:43 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
1) All of the adventures seem repetitive, e.x. the 11th Doctor episode The Vampires of Venice, was pretty much a rip-off of School Reunion (with the aliens disguised as innocent humans and whatnot)

2) From "Here"s why I"m worried: It seems to me like in efforts to broaden the appeal of Doctor Who that Moffat and the BBC have dumbed the series down a little bit with the new opening credit sequence which has a visual recap of Series 5 and Amy Pond explaining who the Doctor is to the audience".

3) There is a lack of recurring characters e.x. Martha Jones came back after in the Sontaran Stratagem, The Stolen Earth, Journey's End, and The finale, which (to me) was a real treat. The only real recurring character was "Craig" from The Lodger and he was even written out so we have no idea what happened to him.

4) Lastly, most of the companions are 2 dimensional, e.x. with Rose Tyler we had a back story, she had a mom she worked a dead-end job at a store in London, she lived with her mom, she had a deceased father, she had a boyfriend, etc. she was also and dynamic as the series went on. Most of the companions do not have a backstory, or are dynamic and change during the series.

In conclusion, a show has "jumped the shark" when according to "Jump the shark entered into the vocabulary of pop culture. The new saying was used for anything that was no longer of interest. The phrase can be applied to music, film or anything in real life that has gone past its expiry date of usefulness. " And with my supporting evidence that the plot lines are becoming redundant , the series being dumbed-down, a lack of 3 dimensional characters and a lack of recurring characters. the series has therefore, officially jumped the shark.