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Boyhood (No spoilers)

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8/4/2014 2:26:56 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
Just saw this movie a couple of days ago. I didn't know what to expect coming in. I've never heard of a movie that took 12 years to film covering all of the same actors. Basically, it's the ultimate coming of age film and has a very impressive 100/100 metascore. Not really the type of film I usually get into, but all 3 hours of the movie were fantastic. The acting was surprisingly good, it was humorous, entertaining, original, and done very well.

Never seen a movie like it because there isn't one. But it's not just great because it's ambitious--unlike Gravity, which I can really only commend on its uniqueness rather than anything else and highly doubt it would be so praised if it weren't for that factor. At least a 9/10. Maybe a 10 if I related with it as much as other people.
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