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Lego Movie vs Raiders of the Lost Ark??!

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8/28/2014 1:49:36 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
Help me decide!! Which movie is better? I'm stuck! What's your opinion?
My rant about it :"We have the final matchup. Raiders versus my favorite movie of all time, The Lego Movie. Let us see to this...I don't know. I can't be too sure. My heart says The Lego Movie, but my brain says Raiders of the Lost Ark. Raiders is greatly entertaining and has a load of adventure, but The Lego Movie is able to entertain both in a funny way and in a way that is action-packed. It also takes a very different view than most movies, and children-films in particular cannot compare to the life lesson of The Lego Movie. Comparing the action, it is obvious that the Raiders win. Comparing the themes, however, is a bit harder. I can't be too sure what's the theme in Raiders--don't be too greedy? Don't be power-hungry? Either way, it's quite well displayed and the villains recieved such terrible punishment, you know you don't want to steal the ark. On the other hand TLM very well displays its theme of sticking to yourself, your own beliefs, and standing up to someone when you think you have the righteousness. Raiders obviously has the more complex characters, but TLM deserves applause for its complicated 3-dimensional villain as well as the rest of the characters not being too flatted out as well. When we compare the two plots, however, they are quite different. Raiders talks about how Nazis mistake the Lost Arc for a ticket to an immortal army that will crush the earth, only to be destroyed by their own greed; Indiana Jones returns the arc. It's quite nice but IMO it's a story largely unaffected by Indiana Jones. TLM on the other hand has a story that seems to be about a man trying to take over the different lego worlds, while in its heart is really about a father being selfish and limiting his son's creativity. It seems obvious to me that TLM has a higher moralistic-wise plot and story line, and I really liked the strategic solution to the cilmax--it almost worked! But we also have to note that Raiders presented really smart solutions to, both the girl acting drunk when she was actually sober and Indiana under the pressure of almost crashing into the car. While Indiana seems to have the upper-hand so far, we must note that we are talking about entertainment, so we have to include TLM's humor as well. And TLM is filled with humor, and unlike other humorous movies, it manages to be serious and emotional when need be, especially during that scene where the old masterbuilder dies. And TLM manages to recover quite well, with the amazing lesson transition, and everything going back to normal, only to have a ironic cliff-hanger ending with that Duplo block invasion. So, TLM definitely has a strong structure to its entertainment. Raiders feels like 1/3 creeps and 2/3 action, while TLM depends on 1/3 action, 1/3 humor, and 1/3 drama, a good combination that builds up TLM strong. Now, turning to popular opinion-- of course, Raiders is far higher than TLM, at 9.1/10 on RottenTomatoes, and obviously it seems to be the best action/adventure movie of all time, and generally is acclaimed the best, as Wikipedia seems to note. And yes, I do agree that the romance of Raiders is better, and only duly (although sweetly) noted on TLM. TLM shows us the fun that can be achieved with animation and lego blocks, jumping here and there while still managing to have enough seriousness and drama to be able to stand strong as a movie itself...Raiders of course has a lot of unexplainable plot holes, and TLM's only plot-hole of Emmet moving can be explained by the kid's imagination and motivation as an imagery, while Raiders' can't be explained (how did Indiana survive the submarine, how did he get to Marion on his first try, how can the Nazis get a perfect duplicate just from a burn....) So I'm just gonna not do anything. I'll leave this right here and ask for advice from other people, since I can't decide. Doing this later. :D"
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