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The Lion King: A Philosophical Movie?

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10/19/2014 7:16:22 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
I personally have been IN LOVE with The Lion King ever since I was a little girl.


Excellent question!

I never saw it as JUST a Disney movie about lions.

I saw the movie has an outstanding allegorical tale.

They were literally animals, but the animals all symbolized something.

For centuries, the lions have been called "The King of Animals" or "King of Beasts."

Monarchs would consistently use the lion as a symbol.


If you've read/seen Narnia, it's pretty clear they call Jesus a lion.

I am personally a deist (I used to be an atheist).

I believe nature is God.

While undoubtedly animals aren't intelligent the way that we are, that doesn't mean they aren't smart.

They may not write, read, talk, or think scientifically.

But they do have souls.

Listen very closely to these songs in the movie:

The Circle of Life

King of Pride Rock

The music played during the scene where Mufasa dies (sorry. I forget the name of it)

Can You Feel Love Tonight (Elton John version), OR listen to the instrumental (even better!)

Note: I hate it when so many people call every song about love a ROMANTIC love song. Who says a love song has to be romantic?

True love is much more than just romance. It's family, friendship, wisdom, and true calling in life.

I believe that is the message of the song.

In other words, don't you feel such great emotion when you listen to all of these songs?

Yes, this story has inspirations from Hamlet, but that doesn"t mean it's ENTIRELY based off of Hamlet. Can"t you see? Not ENTIRELY.

I love this movie to death like a Christian loves Jesus because its use of animals as allegories for spiritual messages that we should all listen to.

1. Lions have always been known as the "kings of the animals."

Monarchs would consistently use the lion as a symbol.


If you've read/seen Narnia, it's pretty clear they call Jesus a lion.

This means that lions (that is, if they aren't Scar or Zira) have been figure names for people who are the best fit for a leader.

God and Jesus are represented by lions (Aslan, anyone?) GET THE PICTURE?!

In other words, GOOD lions are the BEST of prophets.

No, I am an atheist. That is, if the "Heaven Is for Real" story isn"t true. If it is, I would be a deist. If you don"t know what it means, look it up.

I have created my own religion where you don"t have to believe there is a God or Gods to be religious or spiritual; it is where we always consider possiblites, no matter how crazy, use both rational thinking and empathetic feeling- as we can't live with just our heart or just our head.

Anyway, back the allegorical meanings of lions.

Obviously, not ALL lions are good. Like Scar, the evil ones" are Satan's devils. Why? Because THEY ARE EVIL!

So, allegorically, lions are the ultimate prophets of spirituality, the highest ranking messagers sent from above or whatever to lead the world, whether from above is good or bad.

So in other words, IF God and Satan existed, Simba and Mufasa would be the next Jesuses and Scar would be Satan"s next devil.

Let me explain. Plenty of you atheists say, "Oh my God" and whatnot.

Those are religious phrases, right?

So when I say "God's prophets" or "Satan's devils" I don't LITERALLY mean they are GOD's or SATAN's. They are figures of speeches for spirituality.


So in The Lion King, the animal world is ruled by lions, because lions are the ultimate prophets, whether good or evil. Mufasa is king, and in a way, he is like Jesus for his wisdom and beliefs in the "Circle of Life."

Simba is also like Jesus, as he learns that he DOES matter-that without him, everyone would die. He knows that he UNINTENTIONALLY killed Mufasa (even though he didn"t kill him at all), but was still scared to go back because of the guilt. But he did.

Scar was the ultimate evil, using power over the world for his own personal gain and was evil in every way. And so were the hyenas-just not dictators.

Rafiki is the allegory for a wise shaman that keeps spirituality and justice in our hearts-pretty much the interpreter of spirituality.

Nala would be the Virgin Mary. I KNOW, the Virgin Mary is his mom, but obviously Nala is not Simba's mother. I mean in personality, not in relations. Just like Mufasa. He's like Jesus, but there isn't two Jesuses.

Timon and Pumbaa are allegories for people who just don"t care anymore after everyone threw them out and treated them poorly, so they live life to the fullest. They teach us the meaning of enjoying life despite pain. Hey, they didn't know Simba was the future king. If they did, they would send him back.

And Zazu, well is just a allegorical servant for the king. That's all I can say.

Kiara and Kovu? Simple. Even though in Romeo and Juliet, we never know why the Capulets and Montagues were fighting in the first place, in TLK 2 WE DID. And even this movie taught us that not to judge someone you don"t know very well or don"t know at all. In other words, it teaches us:

1. Don"t jump to conclusions. Consider the possibilities and then search for the truth.

Kovu was judged for being an Outsider, and yet no one knew him. Later on it is revealed that he changed and that he is not bad.

We don"t know the other outsiders" stories, but we can suspect that they were naive to see that Scar was evil.

They must have not known Scar tried to kill Simba as a cub in spite of being innocent, like all cubs are.

And I have come to the conclusion why there were no other males in the movies.

Scar killed them all after Mufasa died.

Before his death, we couldn"t have time to meet everyone in the pride. So we couldn"t meet all of the males.

Scar is a bad person, right? So wouldn't he do things the worst people would do? Scheme to get all of the males killed somehow and trick the lionesses into thinking they were accidents and would have no choice but to mate with him to repopulate.

Mufasa, of course, would NEVER EVER do that!


Kovu was supposed to be Scar"s son until they realized that he would be related to Kiara. So WHY THE HELL WOULD THEY HAVE NALA AND SIMBA BE RELATED?!

I"m not saying there was no incest. Just no incest among the heroes. Only incest from Scar.

Think about it: wouldn"t be as weird as hell if Kovu and Kiara were related, even if it wouldn"t be Kovu"s fault that Scar fathered him?

It"s pretty obvious they didn"t think they had to be the biological children of the leaders to be the star-crossed lovers.


2. We need to learn to forgive.

Zira must have not known what Scar almost did to Simba.

Not all polygamists are bad people.

In other words, we shouldn"t condemn them to hell just for the action of polygamy itself. We have to know WHY and HOW.

So Zira could be forgiven.

She clearly waited for Kiara to become a teenager to try and kill her, so she wouldn"t kill her as a cub.

"Pound of flesh?" Zira wasn"t TRYING to get Kovu killed by Simba. She was trying to show him that if he was a good king, he wouldn"t commit the same act that made Scar evil for revenge. She was just messing with his brain. It didn"t mean she wanted him to die. Just like in Red Dragon. At the end of the movie, where the protagonist yells at his son, he clearly didn"t mean what he saying. It was just an act. Just a way to get Lecter pissed. That"s exactly what Zira did.

And the MUSIC. I believe that the great music writes itself, that you shouldn't hate it for being used in a bad movie if it's great music.

Call me a lunatic all you want. But don't hate me for hav
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10/19/2014 7:17:28 PM
Posted: 3 years ago

Call me a lunatic all you want.

But don't hate me for having an opinion.

You don't know me well enough.

You don't know my life story or the rest of my personality.

Don't judge what you don't know.
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10/19/2014 7:21:28 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
If you wondering why I use the word "spiritual," I mean for it to be a synonym for "philosophical."

In a nutshell: Philosophical=spiritual=religious (kind of)
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11/29/2014 1:01:17 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
I don't know that The Lion King is a Philosophical Movie or not. But i know this very clearly that it is an amazing movie, i had ever watch in my life. All its characters are fabulous and very good actors. I love to watch this movie more and more.