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REVIEW: Attack on Titan

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10/24/2014 8:00:44 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
Attack on Titan is an anime series consisting of a single season with 25 episodes which are about 24 minutes long each. A second season is in production, or so I've heard.

Plot Overview (just a few spoilers):
The series is about humanity, which is forced behind a series of very high walls which serve to hold back the Titans, who have conquered the entire outside world and have murdered a very large percentage of humanity.
The Titans look like humans, except that they are gigantic, naked (though they have no sexual organs), usually unintelligent, and homicidal. Their reason for existence, it seems, is to eat humans. That's right: eat. The Titans eat humans.
Also, they cannot be killed except by striking them in the back of the neck. This is obviously problematic, as their necks are very high off the ground.

Living isolated from the outside world and supposedly safe behind their walls, their illusions of safety are shattered when a Titan that is colossal in size (even by Titan standards) stands above the wall and smashes a large hole in it, forcing the humans living within the outermost wall to either retreat into the second layer wall or get eaten by Titans, which many people who are unable to escape end up doing.
Among the people who are forced to take refuge behind the second layer of the walls are three children: Eren Yeager, his adopted sister Mikasa Ackerman, and their effeminate blond hair friend Armin (don't remember his last name). After living behind the second wall as refugees for a time, they decide to join the army as "cadets".
Several years later the Titans attack again, and humanity realizes that they cannot win by hiding behind their walls. They must fight back; they must launch an Attack on Titan.

Review (a lot of spoilers):
Using the "Omni-Directional Gear" the soldiers of the Scout Regiment swing from building to building or from tree to tree, kind of like Spider-Man or Larryboy (bwahahaha!).
This aspect of the series means lots of cool flips and panoramic views of the world below from a hawk's view. It's cool, and depending on what character is using the gear it can look quite fluidic and graceful.
Basically, the way that they fight Titans is very cool and you won't be bored easily watching them fight the Titans while soaring above buildings. I would guarantee it, but some people are not easily entertained. But still, it would be absolutely incredible to see if it wasn't a work of fiction.

If you're one of those people who likes watching shows with lots of violence, blood, and gore, then look no further than Attack on Titan. It's rated TV-MA on Netflix streaming for its many violent scenes where people's limbs go flying off and their blood leaves big puddles on the ground. It's actually listed as a Horror show, though I don't know if I'd go that far. Still, at times it can get very intense to watch. Especially that first episode...

Speaking of war, it's probably just me, but watching them fight back in such a modern way with their (mostly) medieval equipment is awesome to watch. That scene in the first theme song with them doing their salute and then charging downwards into the horde of Titans below reminds me of D-Day or something, and their standard issue modern looking uniforms just add to the greatness.

I don't generally listen to Japanese music, but Attack on Titan has some awesome music, especially when accompanied and complemented by the scenes shown on the screen during the two theme songs and the two credits. I will admit, however, that sometimes it gets weird (what the HECK does a walnut rolling on the ground have to do with anything?!).

The characters are interesting. Eren's goal in life, it seems, is to wipe out all the Titans, much of it stemming from a desire for revenge because a Titan ate his mother, and it doesn't seem that anything that happens to him will deter him from his goal. In fact, when five years pass, he is even more determined to slaughter all the Titans.
Mikasa is an interesting character as well with a very tragic backstory, she seems to hold on to her sanity and continue to find reason for living in Eren. She's not really interested in revenge on Titans, which is a shame seeing as she's very, very good at killing. Probably the only character in the show who's better at killing than her is Levi. Oh, and later on Eren, but I don't want to spoil it, and technically he had nothing to do with that.
Armin is paranoid that everyone sees him as a burden, which, unfortunately, leads to a few scenes consisting of pathetic kid show cliches. This fear does, however, drive this "momma's boy" character to keep up with the the military.

I would go on, but it'd be better if you were introduced to the many characters and their complexities by watching the show for yourself.

Honestly, I have no complaints about Attack on Titan...except that its second season is a long way off. This show definitely lives up to the hype, unless you're one of those killjoys who finds it boring, but that probably won't happen.

5 out of 5 stars!
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