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DDO Death Note (New)

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11/11/2014 8:28:19 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
This is a new, less stupid remake of the series "DDO Death Note", created by Bubbatheclown.
Comments on this fanfic series is to be posted in the following thread:
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11/11/2014 10:26:39 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
Episode One: Rebirth of the Fallen Savior

International Waters, 256 miles off the coast of Canada
UNS Hitchens
November 11, 2014

His feet landing on the metal surface of the ship resulted in a clinking sound. It didn't worry him; no one could see, much less kill or capture, a Shinigami.
"So, this is the best that the Governments of humanity could use to hold the most powerful weapon in human history?" He mused out loud. As no one could hear him either, he felt no need to try to be stealthy.
He walked past corridors and entered the vault room. He grabbed it, smiled, and...disappeared, taking the notebook with him.

Captain Rationalist was sitting down in his quarters, posting on an online debate website. He was captain of the United Nations Service vessel "Hitchens", commissioned by the United Nations Security Council for the purpose of safeguarding the Death Note, which was the most dangerous weapon on planet Earth. In many ways it was more deadly than a nuclear bomb. No nation, not even the United States, could be entrusted with the Death Note. Thus, the United Nations, as a neutral third party, was entrusted with holding onto the Notebook until its scheduled incineration.

Suddenly a crewman burst into the room.
"What the h**l are you doing in my quarters?!" He demanded of this rude young officer.
"The Notebook, sir!" the officer said. "IT'S GONE!"
Captain Rationalist dropped his laptop on the floor, hastily standing up. He tried to say something, but his lips trembled. He stared off into space.
"C-ca-la-c--c-call..." he struggled to say.
"Do you want me to inform the President of the United States of what has happened, sir?" The crewman asked.
"Y-ye-ssssssss," Captain Rationalist said, continuing to stare off into space.
The crewman left the room and slammed the door behind him.
Captain Rationalist, a huge lump in his throat, walked over his drawer and picked up his gun. He took the safety off and aimed it at his own head...

>>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>>
<<<<<<< <<<<<<< <<<<<<< <<<<<<< <<<<<<< <<<<<<< <<<<<<< <<<<<<< <<<<<<<

Los Angeles, California
Los Angeles Kingdom Hall of Kira

"Our fallen savior who is in the Realm of the Gods of Death," they prayed. "Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on Earth as it is in the Shinigami Realm. Give us this day justice, and forgive us of our crimes. Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen."
This meeting having been adjourned, people began to leave the meeting.
As it had been over one year since the infidels had murdered their beloved savior Lord Kira on January of 2013, less and less people attended the meetings where Kira was worshipped. The faith was declining in membership, as was publicly admitted by the Sacred Priestess of Kira, Misa Amane, a former Japanese teen idol who had been married to Lord Kira.
He walked up to the aisle.
"It was a good word you preached today, Pastor Brad," he said.
Pastor Brad nodded. "Yet the flock grows smaller every meeting. Oh how I wish that our Lord Kira would return to us."
He put his hand on Pastor Brad's shoulder. "Keep the faith."
Then he walked out of the building.

He returned to his apartment and sat down in his bed, he turned on the TV and watched the sports channel.
"Football," he said with a scoff.
"Blue Steel."
Blue screamed and fell to the floor. It was a Shinigami! They hadn't shown themselves to humanity since Kira's murder.
He bowed to the floor, as any loyal worshipper of Kira and the Gods of Death would do in this situation.
The Shinigami chucked. "You're not as gutsy as Light was, but I suppose you'll do."
"What is your reason for revealing yourself to this humble servant of Kira?" Blue asked, his face still pressed to the floor.
"You worship Light, eh?" The Shinigami asked. Then it laughed. "What a riot! I'm more worthy of worship than that chump! Anyway, my name is Ryuk."
"Ryuk?" Blue asked.
"Yes," Ryuk said. "I have appeared to you so that you may become the next Kira."
Blue gasped. His heart was pounding in his chest. "You have chosen me to be...Kira?"
"Yes," Ryuk said. "But first, I have a question for you. Don't worry; I'm not clever enough to think up some complicated philosophical question. It's just this: are you up to the task of continuing Kira's work, keeping his legacy alive?"
"Yes," Blue said. "It will be a great honor to continue Kira's work."
"In that case, here."
With that, Ryuk left the Notebook on the floor...and disappeared again, leaving Blue to stare with wonder at the great gift bestowed upon him: a Death Note.
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11/12/2014 5:32:22 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
At 11/12/2014 4:50:03 PM, RevNge wrote:
Nope. I'm doing Death Note fanfic. Been working on it for a while now. Nope.

DO NOT POST IN THIS THREAD! There is a comments thread created for that purpose (see OP)!
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11/14/2014 6:36:07 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
Episode Two: And the World Shall Know

November 14, 2014
Los Angeles, California

Exhausted, Blue got home from work. But his excitement overrode his tiredness as he rushed to his bedroom, where his Death Note that he had been given by the God of Death a few days ago was. The very same notebook that Light Yagami, the first Kira, had owned.
Blue would be the second generation of Kira. He would not only keep Kira's legacy alive, but he would surpass Light Yagami.

He had yet to use it, however. Most of the pages in the notebook had been filled up with the names of the people who the First Kira had killed. At the time that he received the notebook, only about 10 pages were left in the Notebook.
That's why he surfed the web and found out ways to remove ink from pages. So far he had only cleared up a handful of pages. It'd be a while before the Death Note was was to be filled with blank pages again.
But now, he had 15 blank pages to write on.
"It's time to begin," he said with a smile.
He took a pen in his hand and took the Death Note to his desk, where he sat down. He put his to the paper; his hand trembled with excitement. He couldn't stifle the laughter emanating from deep inside of him. He was ecstatic; in a few seconds he would be the Second Kira! He would be on the same level as Light Yagami, the savior of mankind and god of the new world! It was his turn now!
"Time to make history," he said.

Then, he began to write. He wrote down the names of the top 10 most wanted criminals in the world, and he had their faces memorized as he wrote.
Once he was done, he laughed out of sheer delight.
But wait: who will notice? After all, these wanted people are either on the run or in hiding, so the people or governments of the world will not immediately know that these people have died.

So, he quickly formulated a plan...

He wrote down the name of his neighbor. With the cause and details of Death written down, Blue had total control over how this would play out.
He went to his neighbor's house and handed his neighbor (who was by this time under the control of the Death Note's written cause and details of death) a letter.
His neighbor immediately drove to a nearby coffee shop, which was an eleven minute drive. Once there, he put the letter on a table and then pulled out a gun.
"Everyone down!" He shouted.

Meanwhile, from his home, Blue turned on the TV and watched the hostage situation go down.
The shortly after the cops and the news station arrived at the scene, Blue's neighbor died of a heart attack.
The reporter entered the coffee shop to report life at the scene, where the cops were at work investigating. Blue recognized that the reporter's name was Esocial Bookworm.
He wrote down her name, as well as her cause and details of death.
Upon entering she did, if only for a split second, see the letter lying on the table. According to the details of her death, she would immediately stop what she was doing, walk over to the letter, read it on live TV, and then die of a heart attack.
That's what she did. This is what the letter said:
"People of the Earth, I am Kira. I have risen from the dead, and my reign of judgment over those who have evil hearts shall continue. Be warned, evildoers everywhere. To the one called Near, I challenge you to find me again."
Then, she had a heart attack. Blue could see it: the complete lack of hope that he could see clearly in her eyes, the despair of one who is about to die.
A few seconds later she was dead, and Blue was satisfied that Kira's return would soon be known to the world.

"My reign from the shadows has begun," he said, sitting on his couch. "My pen and my notebook are my instruments of mass destruction, for only after the old has been demolished can the new be built in its place. Those with evil in their hearts shall despair, and those who are honest, hardworking citizens shall rejoice few those who threaten this world will no longer exist in this world. I am Kira, I am...JUSTICE!"
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11/15/2014 2:39:04 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
At 11/14/2014 7:27:10 PM, RevNge wrote:
When's the next episode coming out?

I'll tell you again: DO NOT POST ON THIS THREAD! That's why I created the comments thread!
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11/20/2014 4:26:31 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
Episode 3: A Purified World

November 20, 2014
Los Angeles, California

One more name would do it...
With a sigh of relief, Blue wrote down the last name.
It was done. He had written down the names of over 10,000 prisoners, which was the entire inmate population of the 4 closest Californian prisons. The identity and picture of each inmate had been hard to come by, and writing down over 10,000 names had been even harder.
However, as of right now all 10,000+ prisoners were still alive. He wanted them all to die simultaneously at 3:00 PM, so November 20, 2014, 3:00 PM was the written time of death for all of them. It was currently 2:49 PM. In eleven minutes, 10,000 Californian inmates would be dead, and the world would know without any doubt that Kira was still alive, even though the recent reporter incident had made his existence known to the world. Police officers, detectives, and SWAT Teams from all over the United States had been dispatched to Los Angeles, a city of over 3 million people, in order to find Kira. The President of the United States had promised to the world on TV that the United States would capture Kira. But still, people were suddenly fleeing Los Angeles by the thousands, even though the Martial Law which was in effect in Los Angeles was supposed to keep people from leaving. Blue planned to slip out with all of them as soon as the deaths of the 10,000 prisoners was confirmed on national news.
He giggled with excitement. Even Light Yagami had never done anything like this!

He looked at his watch...
57 seconds...
58 seconds...

Blue began laughing despite himself. It was done! As he was laughing, thousands of prisoners were keeling over and dying. It would probably take the news about 20 minutes or so to learn about the thousands of sudden prisoner deaths.
He fixed himself a cup of sweetened coffee and sat down. He began sipping his coffee as he turned the TV on, sitting comfortably on his couch.
"This is just in," said a news lady. "Thousands of inmates at local prisons have all suddenly dropped dead. The causes of death, according to heart attacks. Surely only Kira could've done something like this."
"You've got that right," he thought as he drank his coffee.

"As for the President, who tried to catch me..."

He arose and walked over to his Death Note. He wrote down the President's name; time of death would be in 45 minutes, so that people would have time to take in the prisoner deaths before learning that of the POTUS's death.
There was no point watching the TV now; he needed to start packing. He reached for his remote...


Suddenly, the footage of prisoner deaths was replaced with the image of a stylized "N". Curious, Blue put the remote down to keep watching.
"I know that you are watching this, so don't turn the TV off just yet. I am Near, the one who caught Light Yagami, who was the First Kira. I know that you are not Light Yagami. How do I know this, you may ask? The answer is simple: I contacted the owners of the cemetery in Japan where Light Yagami is buried. I had his coffin dug up, and his body is still there. Therefore, this must be the work of a Second Kira, Light's successor. Listen up, Kira: I will find you! And whenever I do, you will face justice! You will face justice for the news reporter you killed, for the unknown number of the world's most wanted criminals and terrorists who you killed outside of the law, for the 10,000 prisoners you have just murdered...and for the President of the United States, whose name I am almost certain you have written down."
"What?!" Blue said to himself. "How did he know that?!"
"Anyway, I am also sure that you will seek to escape Los Angeles in order to escape the Martial Law imposed there for the purpose of containing and capturing you. But that will not prevent me from capturing me. And even if you find out who I am and kill me, another will rise up in my place to continue the fight against you."
"Kira," Near continued. "By the prisoner deaths you have sought to make the world fear you. But the opposite effect has happened. Kira, what you have done here today has united the world in the fight against you. And I swear on the grave of L, who your predecessor killed, that I will not rest until this world is once again safe from the Terror of Kira and the Death Note!"

Then, the broadcast from Near ended.
Blue smiled.
"Try all you want, Near," Blue said. "I have learned from Light Yagami's mistakes. You'll find that I won't be so easy to catch."

Three hours later, Blue Steel, the Second Kira, was on his way out of Los Angeles...
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12/2/2014 9:09:38 PM
Posted: 3 years ago

VP of DDO from Dec 14th 2014 to Jan 1st 2015

Internet Missing Person Alert: Angsty teen with daddy issues who is a failed horse rapist and also may be a cross-dresser. If spotted, please contact your local animal control or whatever disease-control organization is close by so they may return the species back to its garbage container habitat.
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12/3/2014 2:29:40 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
Episode 4: Hideout

December 3, 2014
Glendale, Oregon

He was tired. He was cold. He was hungry. He was dirty. He hadn't urinated or released feces from his body in nearly 18 hours. He hadn't taken a shower since the night before he left Los Angeles. He had abandoned his car, he had left behind all the possessions of his home in LA, some necessities and the Death Notebook (kept in his backpack) were all he had with him, and the money in his wallet (as well as his bank account) had completely run out.

But he was here. At last. Through a combination of walking and hitchhiking he had at last arrived at his parents' house in Glendale, Oregon, a small town with a population of 874 as of 2010.
Weary, he walked up to the front door and knocked. About 20 seconds later his mother answered the door. She gasped when she saw him; through his trip he had lost over 20 pounds, along with a bunch of other side effects to his well-being.
"I'm home, mom," he said, exhausted.
For the next hour and a half he explained to his parents how he had fled Los Angeles to escape the Martial Law (which had gotten worse since he left). He recalled to them his trip to Glendale, along with all the incidents that happened along the way.
"Anyway, I left everything back in LA," he said. "Until LA returns to normal, can I stay here?"

And thus, Blue Steel found a place to stay.
After eating a delicious meal, showering, and going to the bathroom, he slipped a pen from the kitchen and went to his old room upstairs. He locked the door and sat down on his old bed.
He smiled. With a pen in his possession and access to internet again, he could once again write down the names of criminals. He could kill again.
And so, he began to write.

Unknown Location, Unknown Nation, Unknown Continent

"Sir, the killings have increased! Now 50 criminals have died, all by Heart Attacks!"
The news did not phase Near, who was playing with his train set (one of his odd quirks that everyone who worked for him had to get used to).
"So, you've made your move, Kira," he said.

Since November 20, the killings by Kira had remained at a study 3 deaths per day, and on November 30 they stopped altogether. Aware of the rules of the Death Notebook, Near knew that on a certain day, probably November 20, Kid a had written down 3 deaths per day to last several days. He had likely done so to cover his tracks, because for a certain period of time he would be unable to write down names in the Death Note.
Near still had to wonder, though; was it Kira's intention to sneak out of LA with the thousands of others who had already done so and then continue the killings when he had reached his objective location far away? Or, was it Kira's plan to hide his Notebook somewhere and wait it out in LA, under the assumption that the cops would after a few days assume Kira had most likely fled the city, and thus give up the search, providing a solid alibi for those who had stayed behind?
"You've been very clever, Kira," Near said to himself. "But now you've exposed your play. Since the Martial Law keeps a constant watch on everyone in LA, you could not possibly continue to write down names in the Death Notebook had you stayed in LA. You'd be monitored too closely, just like everybody else in LA. These security measures are extremely thorough. You'd most likely wait it out, and find yourself in a bit of sticky situation now that the killings have stopped. But the fact that you are able to write now suggests that you are far away from LA now. Unless, you found a way to somehow write in your Death Notebook in LA without being detected. However, that's a chance I'm willing to take."
He stood up. "Mr. Madman, please compile a list of all 5,244 people currently known to have fled Los Angeles."
"Right away, sir."

" are being cornered like a wild animal, and your hunters are the Police Forces and detectives of the world, working together to stop you. But this we should always keep in mind: a cornered the most dangerous animal of all."
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12/26/2014 10:33:59 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
Episode 5: Keep your friends close, your enemies closer

5:35 PM, December 26, 2014
Glendale, Oregon

"That was a really great movie," Blue said, walking through the parking lot.
"But I don't get it," his younger sister, Cermank, said. "Well, a few things. How did the org survive underneath the ice, or even escape from the ice with all that weight holding him down?"
"I guess it's Hollywood physics," Airmax, Blue's brother, said. "What I don't get is why it was called Battle of the Five Armies. Either you count it as 2 factions or more than 5, but it wasn't five."
"That is true," Blue said. "You had the humans of that burned village, the elvish army, Thorin's group, the army of that other Dwarf who was riding on the pig, the Orc army, the Goblin mercenaries which were briefly shown, that other wizard's nature army, and Bilbo, who seemed to be like his own faction. But if you simply make it the Orc side versus the other side, it only comes up to two."
Andrew said nothing.

Blue arrived home and Andrew stepped out of the car.
"Thank you for the ride," Andrew said.
Blue nodded. "No problem."

They both stepped inside the apartment and they were glad to be home.

On December 6, Near, going under the alias "Andrew Parker" (he even had a fake Driver's License and Birth Certificate), went to Glendale, Oregon. He met Blue, claiming to have just moved to Glendale. The two of them, getting a job at the same place, agreed to split the cost and share an apartment.
Since then, "Andrew" seemed to tag along just about everywhere that Blue went. Blue just barely found opportunities each day to write down names in his Death Notebook, which he had hidden in a secret hollow space in his bed. It made sleeping somewhat more difficult, but Blue was willing to put up with it.
Blue quickly came to suspect that "Andrew" was a detective assigned to watch him, but Andrew's drivers license, birth certificate, Facebook page, and job history were completely unsuspicious.
Still, Blue found Andrew's behavior, along with his amazing intuitive skills, suspicious. Thus, he quickly formulated a plan to kill Andrew.

Creating multiple online accounts on websites such as Facebook and "", which Andrew frequented under the username "POPOO5560", Blue began to troll Andrew online, bullying and harassing him relentlessly, using the most foul language he could use without violating the ToS. Of course, Andrew did not know it was him.
Though Andrew appeared unfazed by the trolling, Blue knew that it would serve as a convenient alibi whenever Andrew killed himself.

Andrew opened the ice box and took out some leftovers from Christmas at Blue's parents' house yesterday.
"I'm going to fix myself a little something," Andrew said. "You want some while it's still out?"
"Sure," Blue answered. "Could you micowave me that last turkey leg?"
"Will do," Andrew answered, fixing his plate.
While Andrew was distracted, Blue walked into his own bedroom and closed the door behind him.

He took the Death Notebook out from its hiding place and he began to write.

Andrew Parker

Satisfied, he put his Death notebook back up and went back into the kitchen.
Andrew took his food out of the microwave.
"How long do you want me to microwave it?" Andrew asked, putting Blue's turkey leg on a plate.
"About 2 minutes will be fine," Blue said.

Two minutes later, Blue sat down with his food and drink and the two of them began to eat.
As they ate they talked about work. All the while, Blue was subtly sneaking glances at his watch. If his calculations were correct, in approximately 45 seconds Blue would rise from the table, run to the apartment balcony, and jump off it for a 3 story drop head first, resulting in his death.
35 seconds...
"What's your opinion on Kira?" Andrew asked.
Blue felt nervous. "Uh, I am with the Church of Kira, so I, uh, support the actions of this new Kira."
25 seconds...
"What's your opinion on Kira?" Blue asked.
"I am opposed to his actions," Near said. "Humanity should outgrow crime on its own accord, through the evolution of the morals that we live by. Forcing that kind of judgment upon us...that is immoral. Many of the people who Light Yagami and this new Kira murdered...their crimes didn't warrant the death penalty. Kira did not have full knowledge of every case, but he imposed death upon them all anyway."

5 seconds...4 seconds...3 seconds...2 seconds...1 second...

Andrew took another bite into his food.
Blue felt cold.
It didn't work, he thought. "Andrew" is just an alias.
He knew what this meant: he couldn't use the Death Note on Andrew, as he didn't know his actual name.
"I can help."
Blue shifted his eyes to his right. Hovering over him was Ryuk, a sight he only saw on occasion.
"The eye deal," Ryuk said. "I'm willing to make it with you. You'll be able to see his name whenever you look at him, and thus you'll be able to kill him."
Ryuk looked at Near and then back at Blue. "I see this isn't a good moment for you to answer. I'll be back in one hour. Give me your answer then."

"No, this turkey doesn't agree with me," Blue said to Near. "It must've been expired or something."
..."Okay then," Ryuk said. Then he flew away.

Strangely, Near began to smile...
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1/1/2015 1:38:35 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
Episodes 6: Intuition

1:06 AM, January 1, 2015
Glendale, Oregon

Sitting in a chair near his car, Blue watched the fireworks at the local park. It was now 2015.
Andrew was sitting in a chair right next to him.
"Well, happy new year, Andrew," Blue said. "Do you have any New Years Resolutions?"
"Do you?" Andrew asked.
"Eh, I think I might be drinking a little too much," Blue said. "I kind of plan on cutting back on the beer in this new year. I told you mine, so what's yours?"
Andrew hesitated for a moment before speaking. "My New Years Resolution is...I'm going to trust you now."
"Huh?" Blue asked, confused.
Andrew stood up.
"Blue," he said, "I have not been honest with you. My name is not Andrew. That was just an alias."
Despite the fact that he already knew this, Blue pretended to act shocked.
"My name is Near," Near said. "Or, at least, that's the name that I am commonly known by."
Blue rose. He literally felt rage filling him. And this was no act. "You're the son of a *expletive* who murdered Light Yagami?!"
"I wasn't the one who pulled the trigger," Near said calmly, "but yes. I am the one who was responsible for discovering and revealing Kira's identity. I am with a special police organization called the SPK, which was created in order to track down Kira."
Blue began to calm down. "Why did you come here? What do you want with me?"
"For a while I suspected that you were Kira," Near said.
Blue feigned shock again. "What led you to that conclusion?"
"It was rather easy, actually," Near said. "You were among the several thousand individuals who snuck out of Los Angeles. You were the neighbor of the man who, on November 14, entered a coffee shop and began shooting, obviously under the influence of the Death Note. You are a member of Kira's Cult. No offense intended, of course."
"None taken," Blue said.
"Finally," Near said, "through a Facebook post from your mother I discovered that you made it to Glensdale on December 3, the day that the Kira killings continued after a short hiatus."
Dang, Blue thought. I never realized that I left such a trail.
"Thus, I suspected that you were Kira," Near said. "Of course, I could not have you arrested on a hunch. I decided to visit you in person and see for myself. I hoped to uncover hard evidence to convict you as Kira."

"But Blue," Near continued. "I found no such evidence. I have no proof that you are Kira, even after having lived in the same house as you for over 20 days. Because of this, I have dropped my investigation of you."
Blue nodded. "So you'll be leaving, then?"
"Yes," Near said. "That was my original intent if I found no evidence that you are Kira. However, I have noticed that you have some very well developed Inductive and Deductive reasoning abilities. And yesterday confirmed it."

8:17 PM, December 31, 2014

Blue and Andrew got home from work.
"Mind if I turned the TV on?" Andrew asked.
"Uh, sure," Blue said, walking to the kitchen to fix himself something to eat.
"Whoa," Andrew said. "Blue, you need to come see this."
Blue walked into the Living Room and took a look at the TV. "Oh yeah. The Ford Murder case. I've been keeping up with that. I have a pretty good idea of what happened."
"What's your take on it?" Andrew asked.
"Well," Blue said, "I had the publicly available information on the case to go on, and some of my own research on the matter, to lead me to the solution. This is what I've pieced together from it. What is known is that on Christmas Day at 10:02 AM a black employee of a Ford Factory in Iowa was found dead in a trash can. Racially offensive words were written on his skin with a sharpie. Upon this discovery all of the workers were sent home.
"There was a total of 116 employees present at work on that day. A few days prior their boss did a lottery type event to determine who got paid leave on Christmas Day and who had to work on Christmas Day. Though this 'lottery' was supposed to be completely random, 83% of the employees who ended up working on Christmas were Black American, despite the fact that Black Americans only consisted of 45% of the total number of employees at that factory.
"The initial prime suspect was Garrett Coulson, age 20. Garrett Coulson was a member of the American Nazi Party. Also, he was one of those people who had to work on Christmas. However, as the body was very poorly hidden and it was covered with racially offensive words which would surely make himself look like the culprit, and I doubt anybody is that stupid, I don't think it was him.
"So, from that point I actually called the manager of the factory and I asked him for a faxed report with the names of every employee who worked on Christmas, and all personal information on them. After some further searching I discovered that Jeffrey Mason Jr, a black male who was 35 years old, is the most likely perpetrator. The racial slurs were most likely added in order to frame Coulson."
"What lead you to suspect Mason?" Near asked.
"Well, after doing some further digging, I discovered that Mason's wife was sick. The hospital which looked after her was going to take her off life support at 1:00 PM unless Mason paid what he owed the hospital on that day. All the workers were set to receive a Christmas bonus at the end of the work day. In killing the other employee he would be sent home early and receive his Christmas bonus, the extra money needed to pay the doctors, early. Sure enough, Mason went straight to the hospital from work and paid the bill."

Present Date

"The whole case was a setup to determine your intuitive skills," Near said. "I had noticed at times you had superb investigative skills, so I had a murder staged. The media reported it as an actual event after some...convincing. The whole thing was staged to see whether or not you could solve it. And passed with flying colors."
Blue was stunned. That whole thing, which was reported nationwide, was all set up to test just him?!
"Uh, okay," Blue said. "So I figured it out. What about it?"
"I'd like you to join the SPK in capturing Kira," Near said. "I know that you would be a valuable asset to our taskforce."
Blue was speechless for about 5 seconds. "You help you...capture Kira?"
"Yes," Near said. "Even though you are with the Church of Kira, you should still join us. Why? Because this Kira is not Light Yagami. It is someone else. Someone who is more brutal, more dangerous. Someone who shows no restraint, has no sense of mercy. He has killed people for minor crimes that Light Yagami himself would shun killing people over. He is an insult to Kira's memory, and as such you might actually be doing your religion a favor in helping us stop them."

Blue didn't know what to say. Join the SPK? What kind of insanity was this? Why on Earth would he help them catch himself?!
But then, he realized that this was actually a good thing. From inside the SPK he could know every move his opponents made, and he could react accordingly to evade capture. This was a great thing for Kira!
Still, he couldn't act too excited about this.

He stared at the fireworks and then looked back at Near.
"I'm in."
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1/9/2015 6:44:29 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
Episode 7: Resolve

4:15 PM, January 9, 2015
Unknown Location, Earth

"We have arrived, sir," the pilot said.
A soldier opened the door and Near stepped out. Then Blue stepped out.
"Where are we?" Blue asked, looking around.
It was an aircraft carrier, in the middle of the ocean somewhere.

"Welcome onboard the Mello," Near said. "This is the headquarters of the Special Provision for Kira."
"But you still haven't told me where we are," Blue said.
"That is...classified information," Near said. "Suffice to say, this vessel is currently in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean."
"Please, step inside Mr. Near, sir," a man in a butler suit said.

Near, Blue, and the butler walked into the interior of the Mello, down into a room with lots of computers.
"Ten hut!" the butler shouted to the computer staff.
Everyone in the room rose.
"Blue, this is the SPK Team," Near said. "The gentleman on the far left is Andrew Carrier. To his right is Angeline de Morta. To her right is Color Neutral Flame. To his right is Jay Aich One Two Three Four El."
"Uh, what's with his name?" Blue asked.
"I'm Canadian, ja?" Jay Aich One Two Three Four El answered.
"Anyway," Near continued, "To his right is Anna Doctuir. She's French. And that's the crew."

Suddenly Andrew Carrier clutched his chest. Then the rest of the computer staff did likewise. Then they all collapsed to the ground and died within seconds.

Medics suddenly began rushing into the room.
"I swear that I didn't do this," a "shocked" Blue said to Near. "My hands were behind my back the whole time. There's no way I could write with my hands behind my back, much less that fast. Besides, if I were Kira would I kill your team mere seconds after being introduced to them?"
"Agreed," Near said. "However, I cannot rule out the possibility of Kira being among us."
Near turned to his butler. "Madman, initiate emergency lockdown procedures. No aircraft leaves this base. Blue, you are okay with being strip-searched and having everything you brought with you examined, right?"
"Of course," Blue said. "Look all you want. I want this guy almost as much as you do."

So that's how Blue ended up in a shower room, naked. His hands were up as a security officer patted him down and scanned him with a handheld metal detector thingy.
It picked up something on his stomach.
"Strange belly piercing you've got there," the officer said.
Blue shrugged. "It's in style."
So, the security officer continued scanning other parts of Blue. Blue smiled.

The truth was, yes. Blue had killed them. He did so using a fragment of a Death Note in the back of his hand. He did so in broad daylight.
And he got away with it.

During the past few days he had been on the phone trying to get his belongings that he left in Los Angeles back. However, he had done something else during that time as well. He performed a surgical operation on himself.
He cut a small hole in his stomach and filled the space with a small container. Big enough to fit a single crumpled up Death Note.
The compartment was covered up by a partially attached flap of skin. He used the belly piercing to open up the compartment.
Was it an extreme measure? Yes it was. It was extremely painful, and it required great willpower to keep on cutting. However, that was his advantage over Near: he was willing to take extreme measures, whereas Near played by the book.
It is this advantage, he thought, which will result in my ultimate victory over Near.

Twenty minutes later he was cleared and given his clothes back.
He returned to where Near was.
"So," he said, almost unable to hold back the hysterical laughter within. "What now?"
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1/15/2015 9:56:56 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
Episode 8: King

6:46 PM, January 15, 2015
Glendale, Oregon

"Today we commemorate the lives of Airmax and Cermank Steel," the Catholic priest from Rhode Island, Anthony Rodriguez, said. "They have passed from this life before their time, it seems. But let us not forget that the Lord had a purpose for their lives. And the Lord had a purpose in calling them back to Heaven at so young an age."

Blue sat next to his mother and father. He could see his mother silently crying on his father's shoulder.
His older brother, Airmax, and his younger sister, Cermank, both died yesterday. It was a truly regretful turn of events...

1:30 PM, January 10, 2015
USS Mello

Blue stepped onto the helicopter.
"Are you sure you're okay with me taking a few days off from work?" He asked.
"Of course," Near said, standing next to the helicopter. "Until I replace my computer staff you wouldn't be of much use anyway. So enjoy your break as much as you can. When you get back I'll have a ton of work ready for your attention."

6:32 PM, Glendale, Oregon
Exhausted, Blue stepped foot in his apartment. The monthly rent had been paid, just in case of breaks such as this one.
He had spent much of last night writing down names on his Death Note page, and now that page was filled up.
The Death Note book was in its usual hiding place. He looked at it to make sure nobody had tampered with it. Sure enough, nobody had. He sighed in relief and went to get something to eat from the ice box.

He then turned on the computer and checked out Facebook. A post from Airmax reminded him that several months ago Airmax, Blue, and Cermank had made plans to go camping in the Oregon wilderness on January 11. Just 2 days ago he had received a text from Cermank reminding him of this.
He sighed as he sat down and turned on the TV.
"Man," he said complaingly. "Mother nature...pffh...why do I partake in these things? Then again, it might be fun hanging with Airmax and Cermank for several days. I mean, we haven't really done much together since Airmax, and then I, moved away from home. Maybe it'll be fun..."

1:23 AM, January 14, 2015

Airmax, Blue, and Cermank were sitting inside Airmax's truck. They were playing Halo through the XBox installed in the truck. Outside was mother nature, which they had just about enough of, after Cermank was nearly bitten by a snake on the 12th, Airmax was attacked by angry bees on 13th, and Blue was exposed to some poison ivy on the 13th. Still, they had an overall good time. It was an experience that they would not forget.
Blue's player was suddenly killed by Airmax.
"What the heck?" Blue asked. "What direction did you come from, man?"
"The cave thingy above," Airmax answered with a grin. "You got sniped bro."
"Noob sniped," Cermank said. "Buuurrn."
It was true; Blue never had that much of an interest in video games.

Thirty minutes later, Cermank got tired and got out of the truck, headed for the cabin.
Airmax and Blue switched the settings to 2 player and kept on playing.
But then, 20 minutes later, Cermank returned, a strange look on her face. "Airmax, can I see you for a few minutes?"
Airmax shrugged and got out of the truck.
"You want me to pause it and wait for you to come back?" Blue asked.
"Nah, you can just do a match with a computer," Airmax said.

So, Blue Sat in the truck by himself, doing a deathmatch against a computer player. As he played he grew curious as to what the neck they were doing in there.
That look on Cermank's face, he thought to himself. Why was she making that face? It was as if she had seen a ghost. And then she wanted to talk to Airmax in private. But why would she...
There was a short pause, and then it hit him like a meteor.

Panicky, he rushed out of the car, forgetting to pause the game.

He rushed into the cabin. They looked at him, uneasy.
"Uh, we're going to talk outside," Airmax said. "Alone."
They exited the cabin, leaving Blue in the cabin alone.

As soon as they were gone he opened his backpack. He carefully took out his Death Notebook, holding it horizontally.
He opened it to pages 36-37. The card was still on that page. He turned it to pages 82-83. The card was still on that page. He turned to pages 124-125.
There was no card.
"D**n it, d**n it, D**N IT!" he exclaimed. They knew! They had seen the Death Notebook! Cermank had opened the book and the card on page 124-125 fell out. There was no other explanation. He wouldn't have accidentally dropped a card. He was too professional for that.
She knew, and then she went to get Airmax so that she could show him. It all made sense.
They're probably alerting the authorities as I speak! he thought.
He felt ice cold. This was the end. He had been caught! No!
"NO!" he shouted. "I will not go out this way!"
He opened his Death Notebook and began to write. He wrote four words:

Airmax Steel
Cermank Steel

Breathing hard, he put the Death Notebook back in his backpack.
He stepped outside and walked towards Airmax and Cermank.
"Uh, hey," he said. "What are you guys talking about that I can't listen in on?"
"Go, man, it's a surprise," Airmax said. "We'll play some more Halo after Cermank and I are finished..."
Suddenly Airmax and Cermank clutched their chests. And they fell to the ground.
Relieved that the threat had been eliminated, Airmax walked away.
There was still one more thing to do:
Call 9-1-1...

Present Date

He stepped foot inside the apartment and closed the door. He leaned against the door and fell down.
"I...did what I had to do," he said to himself. "If I didn't do it, they would've alerted the authorities, and that would've been the end of Kira."
Then he rose, more confident. "Yeah. That's right. They were a threat, and Kira did what he had to do to defend himself. And why should I feel guilty? What I did was eliminate a THREAT! Those two opposed Kira, and thus they met Kira's divine JUDGMENT! Let all the peoples of the Earth learn from their example and..."

He then saw something. He put the Death Notebook on the couch and walked into the kitchen.

And then he saw it, on the kitchen floor.
It was a playing card. A King. The card that belonged on pages 124-125.

He...fell to his knees.

Every part of his body was quaking. He couldn't stop shaking if his life depended on it. His teeth clattered. He pressed his face to the floor, unable to speak, unable to stop shaking. Unable to hold back the rising tide from deep within.

Then, Blue Steel did something that he hadn't done ever before.
He cried, for the sake of someone other than himself. At first it was a suppressed moan. But then he was sobbing uncontrollably. He was lying on the floor, all sense of power or pride having abandoned him.

Ryuk then appeared. "You want me to take it back?"
"Yes," Blue said, dejected.
"But, uh, I kinda want somebody to have it," Ryuk said. "If not you, who?"
"Brad Holkesvig," Blue said apathetically. "He's a resident of Low Angeles. Give it to him. Let him have it. I never want to see it again."
"Uh, okay," Ryuk said. "I'll give it to him. It's been fun, I guess. Goodbye, Blue Steel."

With that, Airmax disappeared.

Blue Steel, drained of everything, dragged himself to the door leading to the balcony. He stood, opened the door, and walked outside.
He climbed on top of the railing...

And he let go.
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1/15/2015 11:19:09 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
DDO Death Note Credits:

For as long as I can remember I have abided by the ancient law
It is the law which is tied into the fabric of truth
The offender must pay the penalty in full
I have been given the power of a judge

Only the frustrated sigh of lost potential remains
Of the ones who I have judged and found guilty
Wielding the power of God I have shown no mercy
The righteousness of their suffering is known to all

I saw not the depravity deep within me
I peered through them like glass but my self was a stranger
My warped being could never handle that power
My eyes which once saw clearly were blinded by vanity

My 30 pieces of silver I cast down and I flee
But what I have done I can never take back
The power to judge is an unbearable curse
For I must first damn myself to the worst of fates
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1/15/2015 11:30:31 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
Wait am I allowed to post in this thread?
"I don't know why gays want to marry, I have spent the last 25 years wishing I wasn't allowed to." -Sadolite
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1/15/2015 11:35:17 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
At 1/15/2015 11:30:31 PM, dtaylor971 wrote:
Wait am I allowed to post in this thread?

No. I made a comments thread for that purpose. In the OP (or the second post) there is a link to that thread.
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1/15/2015 11:35:47 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
At 1/15/2015 11:35:17 PM, Vox_Veritas wrote:
At 1/15/2015 11:30:31 PM, dtaylor971 wrote:
Wait am I allowed to post in this thread?

No. I made a comments thread for that purpose. In the OP (or the second post) there is a link to that thread.

Oh, sory.
"I don't know why gays want to marry, I have spent the last 25 years wishing I wasn't allowed to." -Sadolite
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1/15/2015 11:38:25 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
At 1/15/2015 11:35:57 PM, dtaylor971 wrote:

In the comments thread I'd like to hear your input on the series.
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