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Her take a little break brief grab you

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11/25/2014 6:06:36 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
Her take a little break brief grab you next week well yeah fifteens our fifteenth we'regoing back to triceps okay we're gonna do triceps chest shoulderstriceps chest shoulders Southwark alright you got your way gotta and we don't have to do thisheavier weight well tax 30 present together bring him up push-up punch the ceiling keep those elbows and pack keep those traps down I'm working out with you here I'm you know workout I you know I'm competing on Saturday for you to come watch saturday call yeahsure Saturday 815 austin's fittest okay here we go her writing to the testready okay of yes like all these crazy events but you know I pulled my hamstring training for this thing do in the40-yard dash DVD 12 7 25 Mar I pulled my hamstring my left hamstring doing that 40-yard dash yeah now hurts so bad the a couple more finish up from good job for you feel it I F yes fifty did yes alright so you need you at five go toseven-and-a-half I'm gonna go to twelve and a half for the shoulders only have 2 12 thistime okay some a little bit scared one 1 but thats it's been like six weeks appealingthirty to forty yard dash and interval run three for for pull-ups 5 mile run 5 like 12 thats six and two amor misterevents sex 7 something once prolly gonna....