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Make your own list

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12/2/2014 7:18:43 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
1. Dress up like a idiot with your pants down
2. Come up with a dance that has to do with criss crossing your legs. It might even take you 10 seconds to make a dance
3.Take words and use them over and over and call it a rap till it makes sense to you
4. Use a lot of profanity depending on what you are talking about.
5. Care only about yourself while rapping
6. List only negative morals and basically no positive messages
7. Bring a squad so they can waste their time trying to copy your dance in the background
8. Use the words h!es as often as you like
9. Glorify everything you wish you had.
10. Brainwash the viewers into thinking you are a good example and let them waste their lives actually liking your peace of crap
That is how you become a bad rapper
here is a example of pretty bad rapping