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12/3/2014 6:06:36 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
Or was it three?
Anyhow, here's chapter 4. I still haven't decided on an official title yet. Working on the plot.

Rebekah arrived to the detective having a make-out session with his lover. She rolled her eyes. Did he always have to be so obsessed with this person? She could swear the detective"s life was being taken away by his lover. "Excuse me, do you have time, Detective?"
After a while, the detective broke away and responded: "Of course I can. Now".my dear, I need to think this over with Rebekah over here."
"Don"t do anything that might get into trouble." The lover teased, exiting the room. Secretly Rebekah knew a figure would probably be still standing by the door outside, waiting for the chance to come back in.
"Well, we"ll need to have to do some more spying. Letting that Rev Person under-cover into enemy territory was a smart idea. He"s usually a disturber in the kingdom, but he really means good." Then Rebekah explained the situation in the kingdom. "Conspiracies are plotted, planned, many people are being framed, causing internal conflict. It"s the perfect plan"with enough roughness, combined with the new policies posed by Emperor Max, why, these rebels probably could succeed!"
The detective grimly nodded. "You"re right, Rebekah. I"ll have to confront Max himself about the policy, and possibly hold it off for the moment. The timing of their plan is crucial, postponing it is the best option we have. Then, we investigate the House of Fire. Strange things seem to be going up about there, I suspect a stealing of supplies from that noble"s storage room."
"Come on, let"s go." Rebekah said, opening the door, and unsurprisingly, found the figure she expected standing outside the door. "Whoa there, what are you still doing here?"
The figure"s face blushed and in embarrassment, admitted the action of waiting for the detective. Some more good-bye kisses were exchanged as the detective and his lover hugged some more. "We have to go, but I"ll be right back!" And he walked off with Rebekah.
The figure waved in the distance. "Good luck, you"ll need it Bri-Bri!" He called. Rebekah rolled her eyes again. Such was an intimate name for Detective Brian Bush. Rebekah could swear, if they continued to make out and not concentrate on serious business, the Detective would rightfully earn the nickname, "Bush Brain".
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