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5 Stages of getting a song stuck in your head

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12/16/2014 5:26:02 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
9spaceking presents...
The Five Stages of getting a song stuck in your head!
You can jump between stages depending on your musical talent or time of the day.

Stage One: Exposition
Most times you start off with this stage. You listen to a song or you listen to part of a catchy song. Most likely the chorus is stuck in your head, or if the song is really cool rapping song, then the rap part is stuck in your head--but of course not along with the lyrics. Some songs aren't catchy enough so you just go past stage one and maybe never have to get them stuck in your head.

Stage Two: Learning
Unless you know the whole song by heart, you would probably strive to learn the song name, song title, and maybe listen to some other songs by the same singer/band. You will maybe even learn some other lyrics than the catchy part of the song (maybe a slower part, or a harder rap).

Stage Three: Enjoyment
You listen to the song everywhere, on your iPod, iPhone, headphones, and you enjoy it. Some times you even uncontrollably sing it out loud in public. In fact, this song may be so awesome you could "summon" it from your head to counter a song in stage four or five. This phrase may last as long as the song does not seem to get annoying or tiring. Which means it may last forever.

Stage Four: Neutrality
After listening to the song a ton of times, you start to get a little bored. Maybe you switch songs at time. Maybe you only hum the song. The song is starting to decline. (Unless it's only the mood of your day, in which case the song can always be brought back to stage three)

Stage Five: Annoyance/ Desperation
This song may occur when you are incredibly tired, or the song just gets much too annoying after playing so many times, repetitively. A song could jump from stage three to five if it's bad enough. At this point you wonder why you thought the song was amazing in the first place, and either search up online of how to get the song out of your head, or naturally you go back to stage one to get a new song stuck in your head. Or maybe you're fine with a song stuck in stage five, since the Stage Three song is always in your head so the Stage Five songs almost never play.
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12/21/2014 10:40:30 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
This is a very intelligent post.
1. I already googled it.

2. Give me an argument. Spell it out. "You're wrong," is not an argument.