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DDO The Walking Dead: Uprising, Ep 5

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2/3/2015 8:56:20 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
RevNge, Yama, and That1User wheeled 1Harder towards the ambulance and waved the ambulance driver to get his attention..... It was then that the head Doctor at the hospital, VelCrow, caught them trying to escape.

"What the hell are you guys doing out here?" - He said, startling Rev and That1.
"VelCrow? How did-.... why were-....." - Rev
"Were you seriously trying to escape from the Hospital?" - VelCrow
"Werent you just now hiding out in the back?" - Wylted asked
"I, I was getting a smoke-break. What the hell are you guys doing though? In fact, who are you, and what are you doing with this patient?" - VelCrow asked, badgering them with questions.

"VelCrow, sir, do you know what is going on in the hospital right now?" - Rev asked, suddenly unsure if his boss was even aware of what was going down in the hospital.

"Madness i'm sure now that you all are out here, I cant BELIEVE you would run off from the job like this! Im tempted to fire you right here right now!" - VelCrow angrily replied.

"Holy sh**, he has no idea, does he?" - That1 said to Yama and Rev, the former of which shook his head.

"What are you talking about?" - VelCrow
"Sir, as crazy as this sounds, there's a goddamn zombie apocalypse going on in there" - Rev
"How stupid are you where you think I would actually believe that?" - VelCrow
Yama grew frustrated. "Look, ve are vasting time, ve have to get out of here!"
"You will go nowhere or else I will call the police!" - VelCrow

Yama, knowing that the clock was ticking, then pulled out the gun from his pants and casually hung his arm on his side, in plain view of VelCrow.

"Is zhat so?" - He cooly said, laying on the thick German accent and doing everything in his power to try to spook the living sh** out of VelCrow.

He succeeded. VelCrow's eyes widened to almost three times their size at the site of the gun, and he began to back away slowly with his hands raised up to his waist.

"I don't know what the hell you guys are doing, but you better get out of here before you do something even stupider" - VelCrow
"Sir you don't understand, if you go inside the-" - Rev started, but he broke off

VelCrow cut his sentence short and made a mad dash back into the Hospital, hellbent on trying to call the police to inform them that his head surgeon, an assistant nurse, and a gunman was kidnapping a patient and hijacking an ambulance.

"Eh, his funeral." - Yama said, as he began to wheel 1Harder towards the back of the ambulance. The ambulance driver hadnt even noticed the entire exchange, he was too busy running through a checklist to even be bothered.

"We need to save him" - That1User said, realizing that VelCrow had just sprinted into a death trap.
"We cant...." - Rev said, before going to help Yama load 1harder into the back of the ambulance.
"Look I know he's a d*ck and a harda** but its just his job! We need to-" - That1
"No I mean we literally cant...... There isnt any room for another person in the ambulance. Lets just get out of here and head somewhere safer" - Rev said, recounting a whole host of past encounters and arguments with VelCrow in his mind as he opted to leave him behind.

Rev hopped in the side of the ambulance, Yama hopped in the back with 1Harder.
"Are you coming or vhat?" - He asked That1, waiting for him to make a move.

That1 was torn between the ambulance, and going back in to save his boss, and he nervously stood still as he tried to make an impossible choice.


"Holy Sh**" - Endarkened said, prompting Wylted to quickly join him.
"What is-, What the f*ck???" - Wylted said, as he passed through the door that Endarkened had entered moments earlier.

They spotted several of the dead zombies that Yama had shot to death just a few minutes earlier, many of which were lying all over the place with blood oozing out onto the floors beneath them.

"What the f*ck" - Wylted said again, this time in a whisper.
"They.... They look just like the bodies they found on the plane!" - Endarkened whispered back, recalling images of the dead bodies that were found on the airplane a day ago.
"Do you think these guys were infected to? Why were they killed though?" - Wylted said, having more questions at every answer Endarkened could produce
"it doesnt matter, we have to find esoc-"

He broke off mid sentence. Somewhere towards the back of the hospital, a large bang echoed through the halls.

The two slowly crept towards the back of the hospital to investigate.


"These reports are coming in from everywhere now!" - Mikal said as the hive of activity in the room grew to a frantic pace. Reports of dead bodies displaying the same symptoms as the bodies they found on the plane were now coming in from all over the nation, even the WORLD, and they were overlapped with reports of dead people coming back to life and attacking others. Mikal and Dalt hadn't figured out that the two diseases they were hearing of were one of the same until around midnight, and even upon that realization, Mikal and Dalt still couldnt accept that such a disease could possibly even exist. It went against everything they knew in microbiology.

"Where could the disease have originated from, and why didnt it until NOW suddenly reveal itself?" - Mikal asked
"Diseases with effects like this should have been seen coming a mile away, I dont understand" - Dalt said.
"Who could have been patient zero? This disease is EVERYWHERE in not even 48 hours and it came out of nowhere! This isnt even possible for this to happen!" - Mikal said, glossing over more reports.

"Actually...... There IS one thing that could explain all of this....." - Dalt said, a sudden look of grave realization sweeping over his face.

He quickly made a dash for the door, and Mikal followed with him.


Endarkened and Wylted made their way through door after door, towards the sound that came from the back of the Hospital. They were about to open one last door that led into the room they believe the sound came from, but as Endarkened reached to open the door, someone leapt out at him.

"JESUS CHRIST!" - Endarkened
"HOLY SH**" - Wylted

It was VelCrow. He had barged through the door and slammed right into Endarkened right as they were about to open the door themselves, their shrieks echoing through the Hospital.

"Who the hell are you, and what are you doing back here?" - VelCrow angrily asked, annoyed that he couldnt find a damn telephone no matter which room he looked in. The banging of the doors as he looked for one was actually what Endarkened and Wylted had heard and went to investigate.

"We were hoping you could tell us. What happened here?" - Wylted said.
"Im looking for my wife" - Endarkened.
"What do you mean 'what happened here'?" - VelCrow asked.

Wylted, not even thinking twice, then directed VelCrow's eyesight towards one of the zombies that Yama had shot to death earlier. Its body lying unmoving on the floor as blood pooled around its head.

"Bloody hell!" - VelCrow said, rushing over towards the body to administer aid. He slid onto his knees and then attempted to flip the patient over to check his vitals while Endarkened and Wylted watched from where they stood.

None of them reacted in time to see a zombie emerge from the room behind VelCrow and leap onto him, biting down into his right shoulder.

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2/3/2015 8:57:03 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
That1User, torn between going in to try to save his boss, finally caved. He turned around and hopped into the back of the ambulance with Yama and 1Harder. They closed the doors behind them, and the ambulance began to move.

"Where are we going to go?" - That1 called out towards Rev, who sat in the front passenger seat of the ambulance. He still couldnt believe that the 1 hospital who hired him, New York Methodist Hospital, had become overrun with f*ckin ZOMBIES.

"Still working on that, but for right now, we are going to cut through Manhattan towards Meadowview. Its a psychiatric hospital, so it shouldn't be weighed down with patients who came in with bite wounds or any actual physical injuries." - Rev called out from the front of the ambulance, trying to process what just happened at the hospital. It looked and proceeded exactly like a zombie apocalypse, but that was impossible. One of the very first things they teach in medical school is that such a thing is impossible.

Yet it was happening.

Rev pulled out his cellphone, an idea hatching in his head before quickly falling apart as he cursed at himself.

"What?" - The ambulance driver asked, noticing Rev"s sudden realization and then disappointment.

"I was thinking about calling another hospital to see if they were experiencing anything weird, but I only ever called them on the hospital lines. I don't know any of them by heart, and I don't have any of the numbers saved in my cellphone." - Rev said, glancing out the window.

"Oh, you can radio other hospitals with the radio right here" The driver said, gesturing towards the radio tucked near their feet. RevNge didn't notice though, he had become too preoccupied with looking at NYC out the window, and for good reason.

The city was burning.


"God dammit Endarkened you slut, pick up your damn phone!"

Mishapqueen drove through the chaotic streets of NYC with an ailing Petersmith sitting next to her. His conditioned had gotten tremendously worse after the altercation with Bennet91, and Mishap didn't know that Endarkened had left his phone in the car in his hurry to find Esocial in the hospital.

Whats worse, the city was almost chaotic. People were dashing all over the place like they had lost their heads, there was a car crash or two along every street, and in the distance there was always some sort of boom or barely discernible scream from someone. It looked like a goddamn apocalypse was happening or something.


"Holy sh*t!" Endarkened and Wylted yelled out as they saw VelCrow get lunged at by a zombie. The two quickly pulled the zombie off of VelCrow, who was screaming his lungs out in pain and agony.

The rest of the zombies, who had tried to follow Yama, 1harder, RevNge, and That1 out the back door, all heard VelCrow screaming, and began to collectively march towards the sounds of the screaming. They were 20-30 strong in numbers.

"Holy crap, he bit off a chunk of you shoulder!" - Endarkened said to VelCrow, who was now bleeding profusely from the bite he had suffered from the zombie.

"Endarkened!" I".. I think I know this guy!" - Wylted called out.

The zombie was zmikecuber, but it wasn't who Wylted thought he was. His peeling, dead skin along with his sunken eyes and bad gums reminded Wylted of a former crack-head that Bennet91 once knew. The zombified zmike grasped at Wylted, but Wylted was holding him up against the wall with both hands around his head and neck, essentially pinning him from trying to bite anyone else.

"We need to get you to a hospital" - Endarkened said to VelCrow
"We"re IN a hospital!" - VelCrow loudly countered
"This aint a hospital any more dude, this place is a hell hole" - Wylted angrily said in response, struggling to keep a zombified zmike pinned.

It was then that the horde of zombies burst made their way through the door and spotted Wylted, Endarkened, and VelCrow. They all looked exactly like zombified zmike, and they then as quick as they could made their way towards the trio.

"Sh*t, guys we have to go!" - Wylted said, punching zombified zmike right in the face and then throwing its corpse to the floor when it was distracted. Endarkened helped VelCrow get onto his feet as Wylted tried to pull both of them down the hall away from the zombie horde.

"Where do we go?" - Endarkened called out.
"There"s a fire exit down the hall towards the right, its our only hope!" - VelCrow said, gripping his bitten shoulder.
"Can you run?" - Wylted said
"No sh*t I can run! Follow me!" - VelCrow said, before dashing down the hallway away from the horde of zombies. Wylted and Endarkened followed, and soon had made their way outside the hospital.

Having nothing to brace the door, the three ran across the parking lot and dint look back until they reached the other side, the zombies hadn't pursued them.

"What the f*** was that?" - Wylted asked, panting.
"I dont know. I really dont"." - VelCrow said, putting pressure on his bleeding shoulder. "Hey, what are you guys doing here anyways?" He added

"My wife got in a car accident earlier and I was told in a phone call she was at this hospital. When we got here though the place was abandoned, and then we ran into you, and then zombies came out of nowhere!" - Endarkened.

VelCrow shook his head. "They weren't zombies, thats impossible."
"Impossible? We just saw like 50 of them, and one of them bit you in the shoulder pretty bad!" - Wylted
"You gonna shoot me then?" - VelCrow
"No we"re not going to shoot you, we"re here to find my wife, and she"s in your hospital somewhere. That"s why we"re going to go back in there and go find her" - Endarkened.

Wylted stared at Endarkened. "Are you mad? Did you SEE what just tried to kill us in there?" - Wylted
"She is in there somewhere I cant just leave her!" - Endarkened
"What"s her name?" - VelCrow asked, gritting his teeth in pain
"Esocial, but her full name is Esocial Bookworm-Rationalist" - Endarkened
"She kept her last name?" - Wylted
"Esocial?".. Esocial"" Oh her! She was transferred." - VelCrow

"Transferred? Why? And where?" - Endarkened.
"We were weighed down with patients so we moved her to a hospital in north Manhattan" - VelCrow
"How long ago was she moved?" - Endarkened
"About 20 or 30 minutes ago." - VelCrow
"Okay. Okay here. Wylted, stay here with VelCrow, I"ll go get the car." - Endarkened said, and he ran off.

When he was out of earshot, Wylted looked at VelCrow.
"How do you know that Esocial was transferred when you didn't even know there was a zombie apocalypse taking place in your hospital?" - Wylted asked.

VelCrow looked right back at him. "I lied."
"What? Why?" - VelCrow
"You really want to go back in there to try to find a woman who is as good as dead?" - VelCrow asked in a very dark tone.
"We cant just leave her in there!" - Wylted
"Look man, as a doctor I have to play the life-or-death game all the time, and sometimes, there are just some people you cant save...... If you really want to do something stupid like go back into that hospital to try to find someone who may already be dead, then thats your choice."

Endarkened pulled up in his car and threw open the passenger door. "Get in!" he called out.

Wylted looked back and forth between Endarkened and VelCrow, struggling over whether to tell Endarkened the truth, or to keep his mouth shut..... Now he was the one who would play life-or-death.

After a moment of confusion, Wylted helped VelCrow into the car, and they drove off.

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2/3/2015 8:59:23 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
1- Geographia - Dead, Eaten
2- Daltonian - Alive
3- Mikal - Alive
4- Endarkened - Alive
5- Mishapqueen - Alive
6- PetersSmith - Bitten, close to death
7- Bennett91 - Dead, Zombified
8- Wylted - Alive
9- Esocialbookworm - Alive but hurt, left behind
10- Harder - Alive, injured but stable
11- zmikecuber - Zombified
12- YamaVonKarma - Alive but hurt
13- RevNge - Alive
14- That1User - Alive
15- VelCrow - Alive but bitten

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2/8/2015 9:15:58 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
At 2/3/2015 8:56:20 PM, imabench wrote:

I can't wait to have more of a role than 2nd hand mentioning!
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2/8/2015 9:24:48 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
At 2/3/2015 8:56:20 PM, imabench wrote:
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