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DDO House of Cards (Episode 12)

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2/7/2015 8:07:15 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
We are coming to the end of the first season here, folks. Where will the wind take our very moral and ethical protagonist, Seventhprofessor? Let's find out!

DDO House of Cards
Episode 12
Written by: Daytonanerd

(Note: In case any of you have forgotten, italics mean that Seventh is talking to the audience)
I've been forced into quite the bind. Daytona has quite a bit of leverage on me. He has enough to bring me down. If he talks to Airmax, tells him what he knows, then my plans, as well as my political career, are over. Plotting against my own president to get rid of him? That's tantamount to treason! I need to tide over Daytona. I didn't want to add people to my plan, as it would complicate things, but it seems that now, I have no choice..
"Power in the Executive Branch? What exactly do you mean by that?"- Seventhprofessor

"I don't think I need to spell everything out for you. This government is founded on the principle of Separation of Powers. If I have power in 2 branches, then I have tipped the scales in my favor."- Daytonanerd

"I don't need a lesson on Separation of Powers, you arrogant bastard. I've served in the government before you were even born. What I want to know is what you hope to accomplish, specifically, by joining my plan. Do you want a cabinet position? Do you want to become Vice President? Come on man! Spit it out!"- Seventh

That devilish grin appeared again on Daytona's face. God, I want to punch that son of a b!tch in the face.

"Oh, you don't expect me to be too forward with you, now do you, Seventh? I, like you, have my own set of plans, set of ambitions. What I am proposing is a strategic alliance, so that we both achieve our goals."- Daytona

"Yeah, you're REALLY making me trust you right now, Daytona. Such trustworthiness. Much persuasive. Wow."- Seventh

"Sarcasm won't do you any favors, Doge. Let's face it, you have no alternative. Your only choice is to trust me. In return, I expect your gratitude, some favors, and an understood alliance for the future. I don't feel that I am being too unreasonable, here."- Daytona

As much as I hated to admit it, I had been beaten. I had no choice. This defeat won't destroy me, luckily, but it doesn't feel good, believe me. Of all people, I lost to that imbecile Daytona?!

Is he as stupid as I thought? Or am I not on my game? Have I lost my way?

I had to give a sigh.

"Alright, Daytona. You win. We will work together, and I am in your debt. Happy?"- Seventh

"You have no idea, Seventh. Alright, I'll let your healthcare bill pass, and we can shoe you in to the No. 2 slot in the country. Do you happen to have any idea of when Thett will resign from that slot?"- Daytona

"I've heard rumors that tomorrow will be the big day. Airmax is apparently privately considering VP options, but none seem to have convinced him, so far."- Seventh

"Excellent. I can't do anything more for you there besides passing the bill, but hopefully, that will elevate you to a level where you will be picked at."- Daytona

"Alright. I'll head out now, then. I need to finish up business on this bill. Make sure you get in contact with your group, and let them know."- Seventh

"I'm on it, mate! Now, to take care of some other business.."- Daytona

Another grin cam onto his face


I left as his secretary walked in.
I was watching CSPAN in Bsh's office, as the votes were coming in. The good news came in, the news I was expecting, the news I sacrificed so much for.

"The New Day Healthcare Bill passes the Senate, by a vote of 52-48! This vote was split by party lines, with every Democrat voting 'Yea', and every Republican voting 'Nay'. We now take you to the White House, where an important announcement is to be made concerning Vice President Thett."- CSPAN

"Bsh, shouldn't you be there? I don't want to take you away from your job."- Seventh

"No, it's quite alright, Seventh. I let my deputies handle the arrangements, and it is supposed to be a low-key announcement, in terms of the people actually there. Besides, I'd much rather be here, watching the Bill vote count, then have to face the depressing mood over at the White House. Call me irresponsible, but I feel like it is the choice that most sane humans would make."- Bsh

"I understand completely, Bsh. No need to rationalize yourself in front of me."- Seventh

Oh, I understand fully. Bsh is the type of person that can't stand things being unpleasant. How weak. A person like him shouldn't be in politics. He will never be able to play ball with the big boys.

"Now, here is Vice President Thett"- CSPAN

"Good afternoon, my fellow Americans. I must address you here today, to inform you on an important change. Due to my inappropriate misconduct in recent weeks, I feel compelled to resign the office of the Vice President. However, I maintain my innocence in the murder case of the young woman, Le'Queeze Jones. I simply didn't have the means, nor the motive, to even attempt to kill her..."- Thett

Oh Thett. Even in your final speech as Vice President, you make a fool out of yourself. Such weakness is fatal, as you see now. I still have a task to complete before I ascend to the role of Vice President. One thing that has been nagging me for a while now.
"Yay?"- Seventh

"Yes boss?"- Yay

"Release the modified pictures to the press. It is time."- Seventh

"I understand. By the way, so you know how you said I'd never get a ra-"-Yay

I hung up the phone right there.
A new day has come. Yes, a beautiful day has been graced upon this pretentious swampland. The sun has risen. The rays, shining down. I now am the facilitator, the master, the executor of so many of this town's citizens.

Today, I must heal an aching heart, simply to destroy it again, while destroying a man's dignity, his hope, his heart, and his life.

Do these two souls deserve the destiny I have in store for them?


Yes they do.

They all deserve what they have coming to them. One way or another, they destroyed my ambition, my hope. But I built myself up again. Built myself up, to tear them down. Now, for what they have done, they must pay the price. They must pay the price in tears, and in blood. For that is the only way for my vendetta to reach a resolution. For that is the only way I can truly be at peace.

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2/7/2015 8:47:00 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
Whoa, another great episode with a lot of stuff happening (or rather, almost happnening). Is this it for season 1?
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2/7/2015 8:47:56 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
At 2/7/2015 8:47:00 PM, SeventhProfessor wrote:
Whoa, another great episode with a lot of stuff happening (or rather, almost happnening). Is this it for season 1?

No. 1 or 2 more episodes. Then, I'll do another small batch of signups, then, next season.
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2/14/2015 8:20:12 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
At 2/14/2015 7:16:49 AM, daytonanerd wrote:
La bump.

I wanna read these fanfics so much but I got no time DX
I don't care about whether an ideology is "necessary" or not,
I care about how to solve problems,
which is what everyone else should also care about.

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