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DDO The Walking Dead: Uprising, Ep 9

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2/26/2015 3:20:18 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
Dalt and Mikal hopped into Dalt"s car and they sped off, hoping that nobody would notice them fleeing and trigger a panic in the building, even though one would likely start when they were discovered to be missing in the first place. Dalt decided to keep his cellphone off for a while in order to cover their tracks a little bit longer. The plan he had worked out with the Chief of Staff was that he would turn it on when he neared Middletown so that then they could be contacted by the government and moved, without being inundated with calls from workers at the CDC before then.

"Do you know where you"re going?" - Mikal
"Kinda. If we can't get to Middletown by passing Newark International Airport though then we will have to take a way longer route, and that would be a big problem" - Dalt
"How big?" - Mikal
"Like "f*ck-we-might-be-on-our-own" big" - Dalt said, buckling his seatbelt.

They turned onto a hectic street and immediately began to head south.

Traffic was a nightmare. Everyone from Manhattan had poured west to try to get out of the urban places, and everything near New York City was urban. Several traffic lights had gone dark for who knows why, only adding to the mayhem. Dalt figured the trip might take a while, but at the rate they were going, it would take them the entire rest of the day to get to Middletown, which they couldn't afford to do.

Nightfall was approaching fast.

"So what are your thoughts?" - Dalt
"Thoughts about what?" - Mikal
"Everything" The virus, the outbreak, the zombies, the chaos". All of it" - Dalt
"What the hell am I supposed to think? This looks like a damn apocalypse that shouldnt be possible in the first place, and our "plan" to survive it seems pretty sh*tty" - Mikal
"I"m thinking the same thing" - Dalt admitted in a bitter tone
"Well.... Well what do you think we should do then?" - Mikal
"I dunno, but heading to Middletown is a dumb idea now. It's location pins us against the Atlantic if we dont get picked up, and if that happens, then things will be REALLY bad, and we'll pretty much be f*cked"." - Dalt
"So what do you think we should do?" - Mikal
"I was hoping you would have an idea"." Dat said, confessing that he was sh*t out of ideas and hoping Mikal had one.

The two sat in silence as they tried to come up with a plan, the world outside their car quickly falling faster and faster into an apocalyptic hell.


Wylted remembered the alley. As a kid he moved around a lot, and switched from school to school almost every year. One of those schools was nearby, and this alley he was staring at was the place where he beat the living sh** out of three bullies who tried to mess with him on his walk home. Two of them never bothered him again, one ended up moving to Kentucky, thats how one-sided the whipping was.

The alley though was also familiar because Wylted remembered seeing it on the news a few weeks earlier. Police had apparently found an arsenal of weapons that a gang had been stockpiling there to be moved somewhere else, but it was somehow discovered and intercepted.

He wondered if by some miracle, there might be some weapon in that alley that police had somehow missed or left behind, one that could easily come in handy should this zombie apocalypse not go away and only escalate, which seemed very likely to happen.

He made his way down the alley, glancing around for anything that could look like it concealed a gun. Only at the very end did a gangster step out from behind a dumpster, with a gun pointed right at Wylted"s head.

"Hands up!" he said.
Wylted obliged, slowly raising his hands as he turned to face his robber. It was a black teen in his 20"s whose face was scarred with wounds from gang fights of the past. He pointed the gun right at Wylted"s face, and demanded he give him anything valuable he had on him.

"Freeze!" - Yama said, pointing his own gun at the robber as he walked into the alley himself, Rev and That1 standing behind him.

The robber pointed his gun at Yama and held Wylted in front of him as a human shield.
"YOU! You, drop the gun and kick it over, or your friend gets it" He demanded.

Yama took a few more steps towards Wylted and the man holding him hostage. He was just about in range where he could pick off the robber without hurting Wylted.

"DONT MAKE ME SHOOT YOU!" The robber yelled, pointing his gun at Yama after he had taken several more steps towards them.
"Yama, easy, stay there" - Wylted begged
"I know vhat I am doing" - Yama
"Whats with the fruity accent Hans?" The robber asked.

The casual insult was just harmless enough to not mess with Yama"s aim, and he fired two shots at the robber.

He fired back only once.


Dalt and Mikal sat in the car that crept forward only every now and then, growing increasingly frustrated at how little progress they were making. Every person they saw on the streets outside made them anxious that a horde of zombies would soon be approaching, only adding to their frustration and feelings of hopelessness.

"I have a crazy idea." - Mikal said, finally coming up with an idea that was so insane it might work.
"Hit me." - Dalt
Mikal turned to face Dalt.
"Everyone is in their cars trying to make their way to an airport or get out of a city, right?" - Mikal
"Sure feels like it" - Dalt
"What else crisscrosses the entire country that people aren't even using right now?" - Mikal asked.

Dalt was stumped. "I have no idea" - Dalt
"Train tracks!" Mikal said, busting out a grin. "Nobody is heading towards the train station to try to get the hell out of here, they are heading to the airports or the highways. If we could get onto one of them, we could move anywhere without running into anything!" - Mikal

Dalt raised his eyebrows, impressed with the idea and seeing how it could work, but there was just one problem.

"This car won't be able to drive on train tracks though. The second we hit 20 mph we could lose control and plummet off the tracks." - Dalt

Mikal nodded, knowing that this was the case, but he had a solution.

"That"s why we need to steal a truck."


The first shot had nailed the robber in the neck, a glancing blow that was by no means fatal. Wylted reactively turned himself away from the shot, but the robber turned further towards where the bullet grazed him, his body reacting to the pain in his neck and jerking as a reaction. This gave Yama a much clearer shot, and he fired off a second shot that would plow right into the robber"s brain.

However, a split second before Yama fired his second shot, the robber got off one. It was a wild shot that wasn't even aimed properly due to the sharp pain in his neck. the shot went way left of Yama, but it caught That1 in the chest, who was standing with Rev a distance behind Yama at the front of the alley.

That1 fell to the ground, having maybe a minute left to live. Rev tried to apply pressure to stop the bleeding, and Wylted helped. Yama though looked past the incident to the world outside them. Society had broken down completely as people began to ditch their cars, zombies appearing here and there from people who had been bitten earlier in the day who had just now turned.

Nightfall was approaching, and if they didn't move fast, they would all be dead. So Yama, counting the bullets he had left in the gun, quietly walked up to That1"s side, and without telling anyone else what he was about to do, or what he felt had to be done, went ahead and put him out of his misery.

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2/26/2015 3:20:24 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
Endarkened woke up, thoroughly confused and bewildered that he was even waking up in the first place. He observed the situation around him, the most pressing of which was the zombie lying on top of him. He had beaten the hell out of its head so hard, he had killed it by making contact with the brain, and the zombie had just died on top of him, lying on top of him after he had passed out. Its guts from the stomach wound had completely emptied out all over Endarkened, and holy sh** did it smell. He could shower in Purell 300 times and never forget the smell.

He shoved the zombie off of him and pulled out the piece of metal he had torn off the bench. The bite mark on his arm was numbing him to the point that he could barely even move it, but his other arm felt relatively fine. He was very light-headed from the extensive amount of blood he had lost, but overall he was functional, and he managed to get onto his feet.

He glanced around and saw zombies all around him in the park, several of them were ones that had piled on him before. They glanced at him, but rather then attack, they simply continued drifting aimlessly about as if he was invisible.

Because he essentially WAS invisible.

The zombie who was pinned on top of Endarkened when he passed out had spilled its guts out all over him, making him look and smell like a zombie to the point that the other zombies now saw Endarkened as one of their own, and promptly left him alone.

Endarkened didn't know any of this though, and he didn't care to waste time thinking about it. His head roared in pain as he got to his feet, and only after several seconds of standing perfectly still did it only partially subside. Eying the hospital in the distance, Endarkened slowly made his way forward, taking great care to watch every zombie nearby in case one of them attacked.

But they didn't... Endarkened very casually walked by each zombie in his way, and they would only give a shooting glance at him before they drifted aimlessly away. Some of them didn't even care to look at him in the first place, and they just walked on by, leaving Endarkened alone as they resumed their everlasting pointless wanderings.

Endarkened, confused but not complaining, soon began to mimic how the zombies walked to avoid bringing attention to himself. He kept the iron bar close to his body so that it wasn't easily seen by the zombies, and he carefully made his way towards the hospital, ever vigilant and ready to wail on a zombie that saw him as human and decided to attack.

Endarkened made his way across the street, and then across the hospital parking lot, into the hospital itself. The inside was a little more populated by zombies then outside, but it was still not enough to spook Endarkened. Using even more care then before, he made his way down the hallway, passing by a zombie what felt like every 3 to 4 steps. His heart began to race as he realized how deep into the hornets nest he was going, and he nervously but cautiously checked by the hospital rooms he passed by while looking for Esocial.

He then remembered that Esocial was being held on the second floor of the hospital since that's where the ICU was. Several minutes passed before Endarkened managed to locate a stairwell, and he cautiously made his way through, being very deliberate to not attract any attention as he did so.

Endarkened made his way up the stairs, but as he made his way up, he began losing energy. He had been unconscious for several hours, he had been bitten, and he had lost a large amount of blood on top of it, so even though he was still alive and still human, he was in the process of turning into a zombie at a faster rate then usual.

Each stair sucked a little more energy out of him, and halfway up the last flight of stairs, Endarkened was on the verge of passing out. Every elevation thrusted a little more blood out of his head, causing him to feel light-headed and on the verge of passing out. When he reached the top of the stairs, the feeling didn't go away. In fact, it remained steady.

Endarkened opened the door into the ICU, where there were far less zombies. He only spotted two, compared to the several dozen downstairs, and Endarkened made his way towards each room, glancing inside and looking for Esocial.

He forgot to check to see if there was a clipboard anywhere in the front desk that detailed which patients were in which rooms, but Endarkened could barely think anymore. His one and final mission was to find his wife before he turned. He had by a miracle made it this far when no one else would have thought he would, he wasn't about to mess it up by searching for something he didn't need.

It was room 8 that held Esocial. Endarkened pushed open the already ajar door and looked inside. His head began spinning even harder then before, and he could barely hold himself upright. He only barely managed to see the abundant amount of blood and human remains on the bed, a trail of which was on the floor all around him, leading to the other side of the bed out of sight from the doorframe.

Endarkened began losing feeling in his feet and his knees, and he promptly fell to them. He managed to make one crawling movement towards the other side of the room when his lower back went out. The arm that had been bitten had become useless a while ago, but only now did Endarkened realize it. He dropped the iron bar he had carried with him to the ground in a loud clatter, and used his last remaining arm to pull himself to the other side of the room.

It was there that he had lost all feeling in his body, an unshakeable internal silence where the muscles in his arms and legs no longer received any signals from his head to move. Endarkened could only use what he had left in his neck to glance around. He turned his head to the right, and saw Esocial in an upright position against the wall.

Her legs, were gone, eaten by zombies before they became distracted with something else apparently. She had several bite marks on her arms, which also had been made into a meal for other zombies, and her clothes were saturated with tears and bloodstains as well. She was breathing, but her skin had deteriorated substantially as part of the zombification process. Her eyes were clouded and bloodshot, and her mouth, which hung open, showed dead teeth and rotten gums.

She looked up, being awakened by the sound of the iron bar clanging to the ground, and the sound of Endarkened slumping to the floor. She looked at him after he had looked at her, and she froze, seeing not her former husband or life partner, instead seeing just another zombie.

Endarkened looked at Esocial and smiled. The damn zombies had left her face alone, and even though she was now 100% zombie, Endarkened's eternal memory of her made her look like she was perfectly normal. He had done it. He found his wife, and even though he was far, far too late to save her, and even failed to save himself in the process, seeing Esocial one last time was the best consolation prize he could have gotten.

His breathing became more labored, but he refused to gasp for more air, instead preferring to listen to Esocial's softer breathing since it was a far more pleasant sound. He could see that she was long gone, and that she didn't even recognize him, but at that moment, despite being bitten and dying right there on the cold, blood stained floor, Endarkened felt that he had won. He felt that he had beaten the doctor who tricked him, who he had left on the side of the road, and he felt that he had beaten Wylted, who abandoned him and left him to fend for himself so that he could stay safe.

Endarkened gave himself a slight chuckle, inhaled, and then exhaled for the final time. He was quite possibly the only person that day who would die with a big, toothy grin on his face.

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2/26/2015 3:23:43 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
Living - Current Status

Daltonian - At temporary HQ
Mikal - At temporary HQ
YamaVonKarma - On foot heading towards truck depot
Wylted - Following Yama
RevNge - Following Yama

Dead - Mode of Death

Geographia - Eaten by zombies
Mishapqueen - Car Crash
PetersSmith - Car Crash, bitten beforehand
Bennett91 - Overdosed on Cocaine, Zombified
1Harderthanyou - In ambulance demolished by semi-truck
zmikecuber - Bitten, Zombified
VelCrow - Left behind to die from wounds, Zombified
That1User - Shot, then executed by Yama
Esocialbookworm - Eaten by zombies, Zombified
Endarkened - Dead, Zombified

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2/26/2015 7:24:27 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
At 2/26/2015 4:15:49 PM, RevNge wrote:
Endark died 10/10 best chapter ever

I can't wait for Endark's reply to this...
I'll see you on the Dark Side of the Moon.

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2/26/2015 7:59:48 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
*Begins stripping*
I guess the zombies can't handle my level of sexy.
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2/26/2015 8:00:21 PM
Posted: 3 years ago


*hugs my Ennie to me protectively and growls at everyone in the nearby vicinity*
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2/27/2015 9:53:06 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
Yeah I forgot to post the current list of living+dead in the last episode which allowed me the opportunity to give Endarkened one last hurrah ;D

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3/1/2015 1:15:26 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
At 2/28/2015 2:52:29 PM, Bullish wrote:
"black teen in his 20's..."


aint i a stinker? ;D

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3/1/2015 1:27:05 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
At 2/27/2015 9:53:06 PM, imabench wrote:
Yeah I forgot to post the current list of living+dead in the last episode which allowed me the opportunity to give Endarkened one last hurrah ;D

I appreciate it buddy <3