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Star Debate Season 1 E5 p3: New Reality

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3/1/2015 11:48:53 PM
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Part 2:

They made it past the forest. The shooting had stopped some time ago, but they ran the whole way anyway. Oncoming noticed that he didn"t feel quite as winded as he should"ve, although he did feel a different form of weariness.

"Yeah, that"s your mind getting tired from moving through the Q continuum," Q said in response to his thoughts. She walked over to him and touched him on the forehead. He felt his strength come back, and the cuts from his skin disappeared. "Better?" She smiled and walked over to the others and did the same with them. "Due to the fact that you are lesser beings, I can heal you, but unfortunately I can"t heal myself the same way."

"Listen, Q, it"s like I"ve said, I appreciate what you"re doing, but I really don"t think this is right," Oncoming stated feeling a bit nervous about his constant insistence concerning the topic.

"I know how you feel," Q said with her hands up as if to state that it was okay. Then she tilted her head and said, "Actually, I"ve never been in a monogamous relationship before, so I guess I don"t, but I can read your mind and feel your emotions to at least get an idea. You love Jonelle, and that"s great, but I"m fighting for the survival of my species. Doesn"t that count for something?"

"Maybe we should talk about this somewhere that it"s safe," Airmax interrupted loudly. "Is there anywhere we can go that will hide us?"

"Yes of course, the rebel base is right behind you," Q said as if that was something they should all have known. Oncoming looked and couldn"t find anything that looked like it was a rebel base. "That"s because it"s well hidden." She raised her hand and a small light seemed to begin floating in the air in front of Airmax. "Touch the light and go in quickly."

Airmax touched it, and a portal opened up before him. They all rushed through, and the portal closed behind them. It was apparently just a really well lit doorway so no one could see inside. There were people walking around what looked like a bar. It smelled of real alcohol, and the room itself was fairly plain. Just about everything was made of wood, and lights that looked like candles hung from the ceiling to light the place. "This is where you all meet?"

"Hey everyone!" Q yelled at the rest of them. "I found the person who"s going to save the continuum!"

She looked at Oncoming, and he swore he could feel his entire face turn the color of a tomato. He hated being the center of attention like this, and he definitely didn"t want to have sex with someone who wasn"t Jonelle.

"Don"t think so loudly," Q said to him in a whisper. "They might here you."

"Do you think we can talk about this alone?" Oncoming asked her.

"We"ve tried that."

"Yeah, but we really need to work something out."

"Fine, follow me," she said as she pulled him to a door. They walked through and she closed it behind them. The room was dimly lit, and it had a makeup similar to that of the other room except that it was much much smaller. She stared him down and said, "Okay now, explain to me how your promise not to have sex with anyone besides Jonelle outweighs the fact that my species is about to self-destruct."

"Well, I can tell you first of all you need to know about love. If you want your baby to have human love, you need a father that"s going to be around to love it. If you send me back to Jonelle, then you"re just going to have a less powerful Q baby to take care of. If you keep me with you then the child is going to have a lot of issues understanding love, because I do not love you, and I"ll always feel awkward around you two."

"It doesn"t have to be like that. I can make you love me."

"Then why haven"t you done that?" Oncoming looked her in the eyes without breaking gaze until he blinked after a few seconds and continued, "Because you know that it"s not love if you don"t give me a choice."

For the first time since he met her, a tear formed in the corner of Q"s eye. As soon as it slipped and rolled down her cheek she broke into sobbing. She fell to the ground on her knees, and Oncoming got down on a knee. He put his hand on her shoulder and said, "I"m sorry. I really am. I want to be able to save the Q from this civil war, but I know that this isn"t the way."

Q just looked down at the floor and cried more softly. It broke Oncoming"s heart to see her like that. Under no circumstances did he want to have any sort of sexual relationship with her, but even still, he could never shut off his empathy he felt for anyone who was in pain. He had to avoid feeling guilty about the way she was feeling. He wished he could think of a way to help her and the Q continuum. Maybe he could think of something they hadn"t thought of.

"What could you possibly think of?" Q said through her tears. "The result of the thinking of infinite minds has come up with one solution, and even then, you"re right. The qualities you possess will be nullified in the process of trying to give us those qualities. There is nothing to save my people. We can only hope to win the war."

There was an intense banging outside the door. People were shouting, then the door burst open to reveal Airmax, Endark, and Mike running through. "Somehow the other Q have found this place!" Airmax yelled above the gunfire."

Inside, people were shooting back and forth. Q stood up, and she touched Oncoming"s hand. A gun formed in his palm, and he looked at her confused. Then he felt it. There was a rush of knowledge. Not just knowledge but understanding of everything he could imagine. He started to see things in a plane of existence that he imagined to be a place only God"s eyes could see. He felt the power and expanse of the universe rush into his mind, but it wasn"t even a challenge for him to contain it all. Somehow she"d given him the power of the Q so he could fight back with her.

So he raised his gun and fired at one of the men who"d rushed through the door, and he shot without hesitation.
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