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Star Debate Season 1 E5 p4: New Reality

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3/2/2015 1:08:46 PM
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Part 3:

Endark stood somewhere behind the entrance of the door. The Q didn"t seem to notice him and the others. "Is there anything we can do to help?" Mike asked. Mike was standing behind the door of course, but that was probably less safe than where Endark was standing because of the probability that someone would shoot at the door.

"There"s nothing," Airmax said looking at the fight. He shook his head and turned to face a wall.

"Captain, you need to stop beating yourself up," Mike said stepping quickly from behind the door to being behind Endark. "Listen, you keep getting put in really difficult situations."

"It hurts to think that I can"t protect the lives of my crew. Right now, the lives of my crew seem to rest in the hands of that Q out there who could die during this fight. What guarantee do we have that we will ever see them again? What good am I as a captain if I am left without the ability to fight for my crew almost every single time there"s a problem? Is it even really worth it to call myself captain if the people who look up to me can never really count on me to help? Most of the time I just wish I was like one of these guys. Able to do anything and change anything for the better. But look at the lot of them. They"re killing each other because they disagree. They have the power to make the universe a better place without even lifting a finger, but they"re really no better than the rest of us who quarrel among ourselves just to be right. If you give a toddler a phaser, he"s still a toddler. He just gains the ability to vaporize whatever he shoots. And I sit here wanting their power so that I can use it to protect people."

Endark listened to Airmax"s words as he watched Oncoming and Q fight against the others. He turned to look at Airmax and asked, "And what happens when you give Oncoming that kind of power?" Oncoming was the best fighter out there. Somehow he"d already adapted to this new power, and he was the only one who didn"t seem to be struggling with the number of people running through the door. "Maybe he"s our hope."

"Maybe we should just make him captain when we get back," Airmax said sarcastically.

"Airmax, this is not your fault," Endark said sternly. He should not be talking to his captain like this, but he had to in order to get his point across. "There are some situations that you are absolutely powerless to fix. Sometimes being a good leader means that you are able to trust your subordinates to help where you"re weak. Your crew loves you because you love them. Honestly, Q probably should"ve picked you to make a baby with her, but you need to get out of your pit of sorrow and realize that you are a great captain, and we are lucky to have you sitting in that seat."

Airmax just turned around and looked Endark in the eyes. The shooting stopped almost as soon as he did, and Endark started to feel that maybe he"d gone over some sort of line with the way he was talking to Airmax.

"You"re right," Airmax stated with a slight shake in his voice. His face held an expression that said he was going to cry, but he held it back and just added, "I needed someone to tell me that." Airmax looked to Mike then back to Endark and said, "I"m glad to have you two with me. Now let"s go out and see what"s going on.

The three of them walked out the door and saw bodies everywhere. The scene was a bloody mess that looked like the floor of a butchery. A shot woke Endark up from his trying to take in the amount of entrails and gore covering the floor.

He looked up expecting to see another enemy, but instead he saw Oncoming pointing a gun at Q. "Oncoming, what are you doing?"

Oncoming just looked at Endark and said, "She"s going to have to subdue me before I let anything happen to help her."
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