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Star Debate Season 1 E5 p5: New Reality

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3/2/2015 6:34:00 PM
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Part 4:

Oncoming looked at Q. He felt awful about what he was doing, but it was the only way that he knew how to fix this. He"d already learned that he could hide what he was thinking from her, so this would work.

Q almost looked a little terrified, but she leveled her gun at him. Oncoming saw it and how everything was working. The second before she shot, he saw her finger move to pull back the trigger, and he started to dodge to the left. This power she"d given him was amazing, and it was how he"d make sure no one got hurt in this fight.

He shot back at her and intentionally missed to the left. He rolled on his shoulder and back into a kneeling position as she fired at him a few more times. She finally had the gun pointed directly at him, and Oncoming shot at her just next to her ear. She missed him on the next shot due to the distraction.

He got up and walked toward her. She leveled her aim again, and Oncoming held up his hand. "Stop, please, I don"t want either of us to get hurt," he said very calmly.

Without wavering, Q responded, "Really? That"s funny, because that"s exactly what I thought you wanted."

"No, I wanted you to understand something."

She kept her gun pointed at him, but she relaxed a little. "What"s that?"

"Why are you fighting me?"

"What kind of a question is that? You shot at me."

"No, it wasn"t just that. I can see that now."

"Of course not, you"re trying to get in my way. I"m trying to protect these people, and you"re trying to stop me."

"But you"re not fighting me because you hate me?"

"No, I chose you because you are literally my favorite human in the whole universe. Well, you were anyway."

Oncoming dropped the gun, and he felt his mind go back to the way it was. It was so much simpler, and he missed the power he had for his moments as a Q, but he would give it up for his chance to see Jonelle again and live a life with her.

Q"s face turned as she realized what was going on. He could feel her probing his mind, and she realized the truth. He"d transmitted to her the exact quality she saw as desirable in him. She was fighting with love as her motive. She wasn"t fighting for vengeance anymore. She wasn"t fighting to just survive. Now she was fighting because she loved.

A tear hit her eye again, but this time she was smiling. "Thank you," she said to him. "Thank you so much." She looked around at the other Q in the room and they all smiled at her. Then they looked at Oncoming, and he could feel his face blush a deep red. Q smiled at him as if she was a small child being given a wonderful gift on Christmas.

She looked at Airmax and said, "Now, I"m going to give you back everything you had before I brought you here, and I"m going to give you Oncoming too." She looked at Oncoming and said, "Oncoming Storm, Jonelle is the luckiest woman in the universe to be with you. If you love her anywhere near as much as I think you love her, then she could never have found a better man to spend the rest of her life with."

"Thank you, Q." Oncoming responded. "You"ve given me back life, and what"s even more important is that Jonelle doesn"t have to feel alone anymore." When she gave him the power of the Q he focused part of his mind on watching her and reading her thoughts. Everything about it broke his heart, and he couldn"t wait to run back to her and let her know everything was alright.

"I might come see you again," Q said with a smile to all of them. "Now, off you pop."

With that they all found themselves on the bridge of the Enforcer. Everything was fine, although, judging by the looks on the faces of everyone in the room, everyone remembered about the part where the Enforcer fell apart, and they all died. Oncoming looked around and felt the nostalgia hit. Then he saw Linkish who gave him a shocked glance.

Although everyone was probably curious, Mikal was the one who asked the question, "So all this ship falling apart stuff was you charging out of hell right?"

"I don"t even know what you"re talking about," Oncoming replied quickly. "Now I need to go see Jonelle."

With that he ran to the turbolift.
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