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Star Debate Season 1 E5 p6: New Reality

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3/3/2015 1:22:01 PM
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Part 5:

Jonelle walked out of PM feeling a little light headed. She was on leave of duty, so bsh1 gave her a little real alcohol. Not enough to get her drunk. Just enough to help her feel a little less like killing herself. She looked around the hall before deciding to go toward her room.

As she walked she heard Airmax speak directly to her for the first time in the past couple of days, "Airmax to Jonelle."

She tapped her comm badge to respond, "Jonelle here." She rubbed her temple as she waited for a response.

"Jonelle, you have someone waiting for you in your room. You might want to get there as soon as you can."

"I"m sorry, sir, I don"t understand," she racked her brain trying to figure out what he meant. It almost seemed like he meant Oncoming, but she"d accepted his death by now. Maybe it was Wylted.

"No, you probably don"t." Airmax laughed for a second then said, "Jonelle, I"m going to give you a direct order."

Jonelle waited for a moment and stopped in the hall. This was so unusual for Airmax. She didn"t even know him very well at all, but he didn"t seem like he would ever be this random or commanding.

It seemed to be right after her thoughts had settled that Airmax spoke again. He simply said, "Run to him."

Jonelle tapped off her comm badge and let that sink in. Now she was getting the hope that it was Oncoming. Maybe he hadn"t actually died. Maybe he would be waiting for her just like she hoped he would be every time she went back to her room or every time she turned a corner. Every time she blinked.

She stared at a brisk walk, then started to run. She ran faster than she"d run since her academy training days. She brushed by blues and yellows who strode through the halls, then she turned the corner that led to the hallway her room was in. She sprinted, and when she made it to the door, it slid open to reveal Oncoming waiting for her in the room.

Was this real? "Oncoming," she said at a loss for breath. "Is that you?"

"Yes," he responded softly as he strode toward her. He lifted her off of the ground and pulled her into the room. He kissed her neck and she cried on his. He set her down on the couch and kissed her on the lips, "It"s really me."

All Jonelle could do was cry. Everything that was wrong with her life was suddenly erased by his being there. Everything was alright now.

"I can"t believe you"re finally here now," Jonelle said to him. "I"ve never realized how much I need you."

She closed her eyes, and he said, "Jonelle I""

Then there was silence. She opened her eyes and the faint red dust of what looked like a transporter beam was what filled the air in front of her. No that couldn"t happen. That wasn"t how it was supposed to end. He"d come back to her from death, and just like that he wasn"t there anymore.

She wanted to scream at the air, but she was in too much shock to do anything. Except cry again.
"Sir," Linkish said, breaking Airmax out of his thoughts. "There was an unrecognized teleport signal on the ship, but I can"t detect where the teleportation originated from."

"What? Where was it?" Airmax asked feeling confused.

"It was in Jonelle"s quarters." There was a dark and understanding tone in Linkish"s voice. Airmax heard a few beeps then turned to see Linkish looking intently at his panel. "Someone hailed us and just sent a message."

"Well, what does it say?"

"It says that if we want to see Oncoming Storm again we have to go to"" Linkish started looking at something and Airmax waited for him to continue. "We have to go to Omega 4."

"Are you sure that"s what it says?"

"Yes, he sent coordinates, and when I looked it up that"s what it said."

"Double check them."

"I did."

Airmax turned his head and faced Mikal. He knew that they couldn"t go to Omega 4. That was at the edge of the neutral zone, and it was way too close to Romulan space. In fact, it was the closest planet to Romulan space that was in the neutral zone. It was the fourth planet in the solar system omega named because of its position.

It was completely illegal. Against the treaty. Against Starfleet regulation. In fact, if he was caught, they could potentially start a full war.

But he had to go. He wouldn"t let another man under his command go, especially not one who"d already given his life. Mikal swiveled in his seat, and Airmax said, "Mikal." He paused and looked around the room to see if maybe the walls could tell him another way to do this. But there was no writing on the wall, and there was no call from heaven to tell him which path to take. He just had to do what he knew was right. "Set a course for Omega 4. Warp 9."

Mikal swiveled back around and typed at his panel.

Airmax raised his hand then let it fall as he said, "Engage."

And the Enforcer took off, starting the mission that Airmax knew was going to be the most impossible mission that the crew had been on yet.
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