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Me (Lyrical_Terrorist) vs. Jhulie

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3/24/2015 2:23:51 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
Me and my pagan friend had this rap battle.

"I'm cleanin' up after myself whenever i move past these AISLES/ Cuz Jhulie is gettin' served like her ancestors in the Salem witch TRIALS/ This pagan isn't packin' heat like the Wizard of OZ/ A cat with no p*ssy to show like one without CLAWS/ She had the nerve to stuff tricks up her sleeve but reality is far more TRAGIC/ Ever since i broke this witch's spirit i got 1 question for ya'll: Do you believe in MAGIC? Cuz this pagan is gettin' slaughtered like the one who's being fathered by the one whom he calls DAUGHTER according to the Torah, she's a sacrifice being bothered as a sheep to the SLAUGHTER!/ "

"Yeah I'm a Witch and I'm THROWIN' HARD PUNCHES. I'm crazy like Linda Blair when she's THROWIN' UP LUNCHES. Now listen, son, YOU'RE BEIN' ROASTED, yo it's your A** THAT'S BEING TOASTED. Speakin' 'bout Linda, here's ANOTHER FEAR, you'll be single forever - no girls -'cause I'm cursin' you QUEER. See THESE BARS? What you thinkin' THEY ARE? Just spittin' to tell you, who I THINK YOU ARE? Nah, that's not VALID, I'm spittin' a curse on you in this BALLAD. Don't make a joke about havin' a BROOM, 'cause trust me son, you now have PLENTY OF ROOM. F*** with me, this is WHAT YOU GET, but I guess you know that 'cause YOU HIT SUBMIT."