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Me (Lyrical_Terrorist) vs. Student

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3/24/2015 3:47:46 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
Another rap battle on another site.

"Following the ways of the wicked is a preacher's threat
Which means i'm the CEO of Student, a teacher's pet
Better yet the triple threat off the set on the net
In a project, your people sweat on a jet at my tech
I'm lookin' forward to teach Student street smarts
Cuz my lyrics leave him dumbfounded on my arts
If life is the greatest teacher then class is in session
I'm severin' the Student body, my word is not to question "

your sh** is weak no matter "How You Look At It" like a STUMBLED X you should just "Give It Up And Move On" like a DISGRUNTLED EX! the main difference between me and you, is when I say something I MEAN IT that's why I "Carry A Golden Hammer" to "Fix Those Bars" but my name isn't FELIX (FixIt Felix) he a LYRICAL TERRORIST? ha! you're always "Running 3rd" like a TRICYCLE PEDALIST while I'll "Pop Metal & Off The Top" like opening TYPICAL BEVERAGES! don't try to send again or you'll get HURT PROPER and next time I won't be so "Careful" and just let you blow yourself up like in the HURT LOCKER!"