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3/25/2015 4:08:32 AM
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"As you wish."

"Is there any more news?" Altar asked. As always, life as a council leader was busy.

"I"m enforcing a special program for tighter regulation on rape among the peasants." Winston said. He waited for an effect. Altar did not say anything.

Rape is normal. Why should I care?

Winston rolled his eyes in frustration. "We"re not all idiots Altar. I know you think we are. But we do have brains. If we keep letting anyone be able to f*ck anybody, we"re going to have mass increases in women giving birth and more bastards. Not only that, women won"t feel safe knowing they might get raped in the night, so they"re going to bar themselves indoors. Men are going to roam the night, go to more pubs and drink more often. We get more drunk men, probably even more violence. Then, we"re left with a city being overturned by drunk rapists."

"I don"t buy that argument."

"Gods sake Altar, it was a joke. Order and peace is always good for a city. I"m sending more men to patrol the streets. I"ve also set up some preachers to walk down streets, protected by guards. They"ll convince everyone that raping is a sin."

"Yet in the scriptures it isn"t." Altar replied. Winston"s program wasn"t convincing. it didn"t seem necessary at all. Why waste men in patrolling the streets, when they could be guarding the kingdom borders? Or barring the palace gates in case of a second raid?

"Yes. in the scriptures it most definitely isn"t." Winston echoed. "But other than that, the only news worth noting is an "angry" miner in the south, at The Gathering. You know, the one near Thornes. He"s a buff miner, with one arm. Kind of attractive really."

"Mikal." Altar said, solemn.

"Yeah, Fendal Mikal. He"s been causing a ruckus lately, getting in bar fights and all that. But get this. There"s been reports of an unidentified crippled mercenary, killing rich lords in the south for a good pay. They call the mercenary, "Fullhand". I find it quite ironic. It"s apparently a metaphor. One who can shoulder the burdens of everyone."

Altar was quiet for a moment. He stared at the clutter of papers, holding one of the documents. Mikal was a good friend. An honorable man. But why did he choose to become something so vile as a mercenary? Something so unlawful?


Shut up. I"m not a monster. I may have given the order to have his arm amputated. But he broke the law. And he sinned.


Altar shook his head. He looked up at Winston, who was quiet and contemplative as always. He must be thinking the same thing. Remembering when Altar beat the squire to near death.

"Winston"" Altar began. "Who do you think is the mole in the council?" Winston glowered. Perhaps because he assumed Altar was suspicious of him.

"I don"t think there"s a mole."


"It"s unlikely. The Queen is thorough in her selection. Besides, who would actually put himself through the pain and chore of council meetings just to eventually support egalitarianism? Which, mind you, I think is the worst idea of government." Winston replied, voice smooth.

"Egalitarianism is not a form of government Winston. It"s a social doctrine."

"Ah, you see Altar, you still think us council members fools. Do you really think the Lord of Darkness is going to sit around whilst people proudly claim their independence? No. He wants control. It"s a social doctrine, yes. But it"s also a political doctrine. There has to be someone there to make sure it"s being followed, no?"

"I see what you mean Winston. But back to what you were saying before you got evidently distracted. You said it was unlikely that there was a mole in the council. How can this be? They intercepted the escape route when I tried to flee with the Queen. I had told no one about the secret passageway nor did anyone know I was escorting the Queen away."

"Escorting the Queen?" Winston asked, raising an eyebrow.

"She agreed to flee. And it was necessary." Altar replied. A spark of anger was lit inside him. But he hid it.

"There is no mole Altar. Just" trust me." Winston said. His voice faltered a little. Suspicious. Why was he so adamant on there being no mole in the council? Winston got up from his chair and nodded his head slightly to Altar.

"I should get changed. My clothes are filthy." He told Altar. Winston walked towards the door. "I"ll be back in an houre or so. In time for the meeting."

"Wait, Winston."

Winston stopped and turned his head. Altar sat, thoughtful for a moment. Are you the mole? He wanted to ask.

"No. It"s nothing. Don"t be late." Altar said eventually. Winston smiled a little. He opened the door and left, shutting the door gently.

Suspicious. Everyone was suspicious. Who can I trust? The Queen? Altar agreed with himself. She was the only one he truly trusted. And he would protect the Queen with his life. Protect her from any and all harm.

I swear to you I will catch this damn mole, my Queen. No matter what it takes.

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