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TrollGod diss

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3/25/2015 10:34:52 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
TrollGod -

This is a rap battle against TrollGod that never got done. These are my lyrics. His reason for not battling was because he was busy with a computer related college course.

"In response for you dissin' ShadowKingStudios for being black
Karma is gonna hit hard when i come and give you your diss back
Daddy Yankee's waitin' on his boy, the heck are you doing in rap?"

In another battle, he dissed ShadowKingStudio's race. In this battle, i'm dissin' him back in retribution.

"Killin' you in battle rap is as easy as passin' an English course
You've been wasted so much, i'm lyrically beating a dead horse
Admiring my raps isn't going to help you with your Spanglish
But your not a rapper, i'll show we don't speak the same language

I combine rhymes too many times, your mind got high off mine
I don't see this wanna-be on grind-time, cuz he can't stay online"

TrollGod loves my raps but has none of his own. He also wanted to join the rap battle league: Grind Time.

"When you record, make sure you strike the G chord in your G ford
Then the E chord like you do for the lord on your church's keyboard
If you tried to rap. you woulda got your sister, even your mother bored (Mother board)

I came off a your mother's dome, blown by modern Rome now you all alone
I'm like Ebola in the Hot Zone, broke your bone, you foam n' aimlessly roam
This garden gnome's monotone was as indecipherable as his own Rosetta Stone

Whatever happened to your mouse pad your spouse had when she got mad?
You think it was rad for her to give it to your dad, is that why your sad n' bad?

The Geek squad's here with computer tech. Like they had in Star Trek
I'm ridiculous the way i surf the net, you'd think i had a birth defect
When my disses meet your lonely monitor and make em both connect

When the wind blows, multiple flows crash your stock market and your windows
When it goes past those, rappers fame grows as they obliterate weak foes"

Rappers would make his college degrees useless by making more money, putting him out of business.

"Your not a Firefox, softa than microsoft, i'm exposin this weakling crippled old mare
Bringing in his hardware, thinking' he's a tough intellectual emcee, hard? Where?
You couldn't find smack url's address with your software, your soft here n' soft there
Your punchlines are as soft as a care bear doing a fileshare for kids at their daycare

Don't stand next to me, my cadence is vicious, i'm a rappin python on Ecstasy
My rhythm's a killin' frenzy so what does this dead beat know about poetry?"

Smack URL is a rap battle league.