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Wylted diss

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3/25/2015 2:36:37 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
In response to what he wrote "Hey truth seeker, you a stalker. You ran off GCL you mother Fu**er. What is wrong with you, you sociopath. I hope more accidents happen to you the did to Mark Mcgraph. I hope you die, your diss made Lannan cry, he joined the military to advance Jewish interest, he is just trying to do his best. For you to run him off, makes me scoff.... At your attempt to be the sh**t, but instead you are sh**, you got out rapped by a white guy, something that should make your black a** cry.

You wanna diss me, that stuff ain't good. You should go back to Mexico, befor I get my white hood. B***h you going down, my penis is hard, choke on it you clown.

Truth seeker, the dude freaker, your turn to diss I'll wait for it while I bang your seaster (sister).

Drops mike"

My response:

"Wylted i might be a stalker, but your a serial rapist
Then whine about being assaulted cuz you the lamest
After that grape battle, you squashed the beef n' the grape
But you don't have to worry about being a two faced fake
Cuz this powerless wuss don't know the 1st thing about rape

This is you?? A piece of white trailer trash throwin' a beer bash? (1)
You are more ghetto than Young thug mumblin' for some cash
You disgrace the white race, i'll be danged if i thought you were KKK
Your so white you blend in with the walls in your dump on a sunny hot day

Hillbilly with a half an inch willy w*gga cracker doesn't gain my respect
Go back to strummin' that banjo rather than pretend to know about intellect"