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Fanfic summaries

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3/26/2015 12:46:55 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
This is for the fanfic writing group:

1) Adam Godzilla
Bastard Adamus Snow of house Bluesteel decides to drink away his sorrows with his squire JIbber during the wedding of his childhood friend Lady Elizabeth of house Mikal. Meanwhile, a tribes group in the north called the Apaxis have been ruled by a new foreign Queen. Her name is Zarroete and we see her ruthless execution of two criminals.

Lord Altar, Adams's father, decides to take Queen Gina of house Loria and her child to flee into the Illiquirian mountains, when he receives word that a tyrant who calls himself 'the Lord of darkness' is deciding to raid the city and kidnap Queen Gina.

Lady Elizabeth escapes the wedding with her husband, Lord Romani when the wedding is invaded with bandits.

She and Romani meet with Altar and the Queen and altogether, attempt to escape the castle. But on their way to the secret tunnels, at the balcony garden, they encounter Adamus, who is drunk, and his squire, with an injured ankle.

At the balcony, bandits appear from all sides, including from the entrance to the secret tunnels. The group is attacked. Adamus gets an arrow shot in his leg. Lord Altar suffers from a knife wound in his shoulder.

In the end, the group manage to fend off the raiders long enough for Ser Anthony's rescue party to arrive.

The raiders retreat, unable to capture the Queen. Her son, the prince of Daltonia, dies however, from a concussion. And Adamus finds out that Lady Elizabeth was kidnapped in place of the Queen.

A month has passed. Jibber is in jail for allowing his master, Adamus, to drink against the law. Queen Zarroete prepares close to a million dragon eggs for the Lord of Darkness in exchange for a 'gift.'

After a month gone by, Jibber tells Adam a way to get out of his prison. He demands a trial by combat.

Meanwhile, Lord Altar convenes another council meeting to discuss an infiltration party in order to rescue lady Elizabeth from the Lord of Darkness. He puts his son Romani in charge of the group. But his son shockingly decides to recruit Adam and his squire.

The next day, Adam tells Lord Altar about Jibber"s request. Lord Altar is appalled, but after being pressured by both Adam and his son Romani, he finally agrees. But he tells them it will be himself who will fight the squire.

In the far north, Rev and his partner Phantom head back to their camp in the woods, bringing the prisoner Lady Elizabeth with them. However, Rev starts to have doubts about the actions of the Lord of Darkness and the actions of his friends or what he calls "brothers". He is against Phantom wanting to rape the prisoner with the Lord of Darkness"s back turned.

Later we discover the backstory of Rev"s partner, Phantom. It turned out that he once had a son but that the mother bashed his head on a pavement floor because they were poor and could not raise the child. Phantom hasn"t seen his wife since. This sad past may explain why he joined the Lord of Darkness to seek revenge on the rich and find justice to all of the poor.

Back at the palace, the trial by combat between Altar and Jibber has commenced in a dome called Daltonia"s Arena. Jibber appears to have a peculiar ability to move at lightning speeds, faster than the eye can follow. He slashes Altar"s back, leaving severe wounds all around.

Altar in his rage, manages to grab the squire and proceeds to beat him almost to death. He is stopped by the Queen, who has finally come out of her locked room the past month.

Altar, realizing the violence he committed, sheds tears and apologizes to the Queen.

Thus the first arc of season 2, "A trial by combat" ends.
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