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Ajabi diss

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3/31/2015 5:14:53 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
I planned to battle him again but i highly doubt he'd accept my offer so here's some verses for you to judge.

"Man! The worst part of givin' Ajab money is me gettin' Arab money! (1)
Screw Egypt! I will bury him in his sandbox alongside his mummy!

You dissed me for my God argument, I'ma diss your Koran
I will show the whole world that Allah made you less of imam
Thinkin' you a star but your gettin' crossed out comin' to another realm
Ironic that your ontological argument was stolen from saint Anselm (2)

Now we all know what happens to the Kufar when they're made victims
But you've double crossed Allah so you better off ridin' with the Christians!
So before you get on my argument n' speak of how it's fundamentally flawed
Be sure that yours can answer the most basic question of all: Which God?!? (3)

Funny how i can blow up off the top of his dome
N' still pack heat without Greece or modern Rome!" (4)



Ajab teamed up with Mikal in ridiculing me for creating an original failed argument to prove God when his ontological argument was not only "borrowed" but taken from a Christian rather than his own religion.

3. The ontological argument explains how to prove God's existence but it never explains exactly what God exists. Certaintly not Ajab's God.


blow up -

off the top - freestyling

Dome of the Rock - most holiest muslim site

Ajabi relies on modern Greek thought but i can still outsmart him even with more ancient ways of thinking.