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Sat well you know some bring the barbell alth

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4/1/2015 12:23:46 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
Sat well you know some bring the barbell althea way down to my chest employees extending you don't have to push your head is for is as far as I do when you do this exercise like to you because it helps me to make sure I'm doing full range of motion now the second exercise can be dumbbell been Dover raise he really hitting the post doubts pretty hard rain here I'm with this exercise you have to be careful only doing 12 repetitions but it's really easy to get into using allot of momentum with the dumbbells when I try to do is make sure that I control the weight on the way down do a really brief cause in-between each rat and then go back up to the top in her Panda you can see towards the end there's actress Tanya fatigue a little bit pushing it kind of hard that's okay next exercise no rest guys dumbbell shrugs now for the dumbbell shrugs remember at this point you've already done a lot of exercise you form the probably a fire I'm using 65 pounds for 12 repetitions I feel like for me if .