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Richard Dawkins diss

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4/7/2015 10:25:59 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
Diss on this atheistic evolutionary biologist.

Some of ma peeps brainwash but you bout to get baptized this season
You scared that religion will reign on earth so you resort to treason
Wisdom shows that man thirsts for moral knowledge that was pleasin'
Spoonfeedin' kids false myths now who's the real enemy of reason!?! (1)

Your full of anger n' bigotry, you had your bubble burst
I guess you can train a militant atheist to do his worst
Your peeps can hit the mother church right where it hurts
From back in Paul's day we all see that Romans 1:20 works
Babies trust n' there's no denyin' that your faith came first (2)

You dissin' a creationist but we see she seized the mastermind
Calculated well testin' the patients, sick dissin' in it's prime
pushin' your buttons, manipulatin' you man that's so sad
Let a dumb blonde control your emotions n' make you mad (3)

N' you got a general religion degree then go out n' blab
Courtesy of Dinesh D'Souza when the rat's out of the lab (4)
It bothers you that science n' faith can mingle in a right mind
Like Adam n' Eve, God made Darwin n' Emma 1 of a kind (5)

Does it bother you when you failed to pull the strings
Of a class of Christians, scared of what this faith brings?
You can plead your case, drop the mallet to rectify
Evolution points to a creator, your students testify (6)

Time for religious meditation so put on your thinking cap
Scientists innovate creative ideas, start yours in battle rap
But you'll never step to me like your fallen British highness
I'll beat you so hard you'll see Lucy in the sky with diamonds! (7)

You dismiss physics can't comprehend a light triple beam fool!
Wearing many different faces like when you use your cream tool
I was just testing the waters now crawl back into your Gene pool (8)

Claim the disciples played telephone, boy just see the Evidence
Ancients actually acted for accuracy, abide in Acceptance
But you choose to pick on Christian ministers to avoid defeat
Too scared to stand against the Christian intellectual elite! (9)


1. Richard Dawkins "Magic of reality" Interview

"Enemies of reason"

Richard Dawkins claims religion brainwashes people so he's getting "baptized" in this rap. On his book "Magic of reality", he says he's not trying to indoctrinate kids but to teach science. Ironically, he teaches about "false beliefs" subtly instilling atheist ideals. He's an "enemy of reason" because he has to resort to such tactics.

2. Romans 1:20

"For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse."

Richard Dawkins leads an aggressive campaign against Christianity but there's no denying he was an Anglican (he hates to admit it) before he was an atheist.

3. Richard Dawkins vs. Creationist lady video

Richard Dawkins tries to mock this creationist lady on camera but it doesn't seem she genuinely believes in her cause. She seems to be manipulating him just to make him angry.

4. Richard Dawkins thinks cuz he has a religion degree, he can trash talk Christianity. Dinesh D'Souza dissed him saying "this is what happens when you let a rat out of a lab."

5. Dawkins idolizes Charles Darwin despite his wife being a creationist.

6. Richard Dawkins hoped that by proving evolution true to Christian students, they'd question their faith but no one did.

7. "Lucy in the sky with diamonds" Beatles song. Lucy is also referring to the hominine. Richard Dawkins blasphemes the Bible but we've never seen his creativity contribute to science. I'd beat him in a battle like Britain was in the American revolutionary war.

8. Richard Dawkins loves to talk about other fields than his own, but when asked a difficult physics question, he replied "I'm not a physicist so i can't answer that..."

9. In "Magic of reality", Richard compares the N.T transmission to a game of telephone which is a false comparison. There's evidence that oral transmission preserves info. accurately. He only debates Christian ministers with no scientific/scholarly credentials cuz he's too weak to step to an expert.