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Worst Fanfiction you have ever read?

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4/8/2015 3:57:14 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
What are the worst fanfictions you have ever been forced to read? If you want, provide reasons for it making the list.
If it is explicit (or anything that violates ToS/ToU), please do not provide links. Instead, simply list a name and let those who want to go looking suffer the eldritch torture.

And now, my six favorite abortions of literature based on copyrighted characters/settings:
Squad Broken, My Immortal, Operational Boundaries, Squad Broken 2, Love Can Bloom, and The Global Gunger.
The Reasons:
Squad Broken takes the cake for utter canon defilement, clumsy writing, and punctuation taking the place of dialogue. My Immortal takes the Number 2 spot because I think it's a law that My Immortal has to make it to at least #2 on any list of bad fanfictions. Operational Boundaries is what would happen if Matt Ward of Codex: Space Marines and Codex: Grey Knights fame wrote something for Evangelion, but didn't bother to spell check. Squad Broken 2 somehow is even more disgusting than the original, but this time with actual grammar. Love Can Bloom is heretical and abominable. The Global Gunger is special because the guy attacks Dr. Horrible, and that's terrible.
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