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Rap battle against myself

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4/29/2015 8:49:20 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
I'ma just diss myself for the heck of it.

Truth_Seeker diss:

I finally come face to face with my greatest nemesis
Boxed in a cage with no way to leave this premises
You lost credibility to be the most authoritative preacher
Only a man who's lost the Truth is named Truth_Seeker

Only cowards run away from problems cuz you scared of life
You neva channeled the inner peace of God to end this strife
Mistreated GCL badly then you have the nerve to want a wife?

But it's just life that not every girl in the world finds you handsome
So what's the point in holding the one you claim to love for ransom?
Climb the building blocks of life n' accept that there's competition
If only you were loving instead of tellin' sob stories in repetition

You been sippin' on ya mother's milk too long now it's time for meat
Pickin' on other dudes with what you don't got just makes you weak
Ya life changed when the reaper wrapped Jesus in blood soaked sheets
Now stop runnin' n' be a leader that sinnas need in these cold streets

Now is that we treat the ones we love? Listen to Jesus when ya pray
For all the things you claim about girls, better back up what you say
If only you stopped being so obsessive like ya dad with that ol' bottle
Time to practice what ya preach instead of lookin' for a role model

Love is in the air n' it's what your not breathing, your just jealous
That the ideal perfection isn't perfected in what you find zealous
You wanna find an excuse to condemn an imperfect sinful singer
Ironic that you act like you ain't a Pharisee when ya point the finger