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Star Wars Episode VII, thoughts?

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5/1/2015 4:01:28 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
I, personally do not like how they are changing the whole post movie storyline(contains over 100 books) and making a new one between books, comics and movies. That just doesn't work, you can do it in star trek because they talk about alternate dimensions constantly, but Star Wars no. They are bringing back all of the old actors, so luke is going to get a cramp while swinging his lightsaber, and how is Han supposed to go at light speed while using a walker (not AT-AT or AT-TE). Plus their new tv show(Rebels) conflicts with the movies saying that the rebellion was started by some derps(including a lame jed, his apprentice who is a thief and has no patience, a weird twi'lek lady who is obviously the best pilot in the galaxy even though she nevers leaves the system, a robot who sound like my washing machine, and a mandalorian(I thought that mandos hated jedi, wtf is she doing with them?). Disney has taken yet another beloved series and killed it. Why did you do this to us George Lucas? I am still going to watch it though, because I am that dedicated to Star Wars.
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