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REVIEW: Blue Gender

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5/26/2015 11:38:32 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
Blue Gender is a rather obscure and largely forgotten anime series that aired (the original Japanese version) from 1999 to 2000. It was 26 episodes long, and it belongs to the "Mecha", "Post-Apocalyptic", and "science fiction" genres.

In the mystical future year of 2009, young Japanese male Yuji Kaido (who presumably is somewhere in between 15 and 21 years old) is diagnosed with a strange new disease called the "B-Cells". Because there is no cure at this time, his doctors decide to do to him that which has been done to countless other people who have the B-Cells. He is put in suspended animation, with the hopes that he'll be walk whenever a cure for the B-Cells is developed.

In the year 2032, he is abruptly awoken from his "sleep" whenever he accidentally wakes up while being transported by a group of strange people in military garb. The people transporting his tube are killed by a strange, gigantic insectoid creature, and he escapes from his tube and wanders aimlessly around the facility, discovering that the facility has been abandoned and his fellow "sleepers" have been killed.
Then, he is attacked by one of these creatures, but his life is saved by a woman inside a giant combat robot equipped with a large gun. The woman's name is Marlene Angel.
He then accompanies her and the surviving soldiers, though he doesn't know where he's going.

Traveling across the landscape of Japan and other former countries, he discovers, to his horror, that humanity has been at war with mysterious giant insectoid creatures called the "Blue" for about 15 years, and Earth has been largely overrun by the Blue; most of humanity has been killed by the Blue, and the Blue have multiplied in number all over the Earth.
The only surviving humans are either destitute scavengers hiding across the face of the Earth or soldiers fighting back against the Blue, members of the last remaining human military force, with its headquarters located in an orbital space station known as Second Earth.
For an unknown reason, the leaders of the military ordered its soldiers to go down to Earth and recover all the Sleepers and take them to Second Earth. As Yuji was the only surviving sleeper at his facility, the unit he's accompanying, whose mission is to recover sleepers, is headed back to Second Earth with Yuji. They are to use the Baikonur Cosmodrome, a space launch facility located in Kazakhstan, to return to Second Earth.

On their journey, various ambushes with the Blue end up killing the whole team except for Yuji and Marlene. They alone make it to Baikonur (and from there to Second Earth) while along the way they discover what they mean to each other.

And this is only the first 12 episodes...

Well, I'm not going to shower it with praises, because it'd be undeserved. There really is nothing special about Blue Gender; it's not particularly original or well written.
Regardless, I found it entertaining to watch. The graphics are kind of crappy at times, but most of the time they're okay. The fight scenes are decent, and the show was known during its run for being unusually bloody, which it is.
I'd recommend this show if you have nothing better to watch; there are plenty of shows that outclass it, but if nothing else is available, it can still be overall rewarding to watch.

2 out of 5 stars.
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