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Interactive Story Chapter 2

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5/30/2015 9:30:41 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
Chapter 2
"I"ll go with you," I said, turning to face the shady-looking guy. We said goodbye to the family and left the store. They seemed disappointed that I had decided to leave.
An entrance to the London Underground was a few blocks away. To pass the time, we introduced each other. The shady-looking guy was called Thett, and the young couple were named Danielle and Airmax. We talked about who we were. Danielle said she was a lifeguard. Airmax told us he was a politician. Thett said he was a doctor. Imabench pulled out an oil lamp from his backpack and lit it.
"Why do you have a lamp?" I asked.
"I kept this backpack full of things I might need in case my home was bombed."
"Can I hold?" Thett asked.
"Sure," said Imabench and he gave it to him. Thett turned it on high. We didn"t encounter anyone on the way.
We could see an entrance to the metro in the distance. We also hear the sound of artillery and bombs going off. Suddenly, we heard the roar of plane engines above us. We looked up and made out the outline of planes in the night sky, as well as dark shapes falling to the ground.
"Sh*t!" yelled Thett. We bolted towards the metro entrance. Bombs went off behind us and off to the side. The ground shook. We practically dove down into the tunnels.
Bad move.
Once inside, the entrance collapsed in on itself. We were trapped.
"Sh*t!" cried Airmax. He ran up to the debris and tried to claw at the rubble. Danielle pulled him away.
"Stop it!" she said, "clawing at it won"t make it go away."
"So what"s your solution?" shouted Airmax, "just stay down here and rot?"
"There are other entrances," I said, jumping in, "we can get out that way."
"But those could be bloody miles away!" Airmax shouted, "Besides, the entire ground above us could collapse in on us."
"Then it would best if we start moving now," countered Danielle.
"Can I at least catch my breath first?" said Imabench, bending over with his hands on his knees. He was out of breath. "I haven"t run like that in months!"
"Then let"s rest here for a few minutes, is that okay, Airmax? Imabench looks like he"ll pass out." said Danielle.
"No bloody way am I going to just sit around and wait to be crushed to death!" Airmax shouted.
"Airmax!" cried Danielle, "calm the f*ck down! Do I honestly have to remind you about your problem?"
"You-," Airmax choked out. He looked shocked.
"What thing?" I said.
"You stay the f*ck out of this, alright?!" shouted Airmax, coming towards me. "That is none of your bloody business!"
Danielle went up to Airmax and slapped him.
"Calm the f*ck down," she said, "you"re acting like a bloody child. Can you at least have some human decency and acknowledge that Imabench can hardly stand as it is? I mean really. Do you honestly think that running our lives away is gonna help anyone?"
"She"s right," said Thett, butting in, "Sit over on that bench, alright?" He was pointing to a bench up against the wall.
"Fine," said Imabench, "if you need me, I"ll be over here." He went over and sat down in the bench, opened up his backpack, pulled out a canteen, and took a chug.
"I"ll check around for some supplies," said Thett. He set the lamp down and went off on his own.
"Airmax, you need to settle down a bit," said Danielle, "go find a water closet or something. I need to use one." Airmax went off grumbling to himself. She came up to me.
"Sorry about all that," she said, "he can have a bit of a temper."
"I can tell," I said, "you shut him up quick though."
"Well, we"ve been dating for a while so"" she seemed embarrassed, "you just need to be stern with him."
"Do you think we"re all going to make it? I mean, he"s right when he says the ground could collapse above us."
"I"I don"t know."
"I hope so."
"Me too. I"m"I"m going to go help Thett. Call me when Airmax finds a water closet, okay?"
"Alright," I said. She went off to find Thett since he"d gone off somewhere.
I decided to look around. I got a match from Imabench"s backpack and lit it. I went to the ticket booth and went behind it. The door was open and I went in. There were cabinets built into the wall and I started to go through them. I mainly found junk.
Then I stumbled upon a gun.
It was a simple revolver, with six bullets in it. I"ve had training with guns before so I knew how to use it if I had to. I put it in my coat pocket. It was the only thing worthwhile in the booth so I exited.
I went back to the metro entrance. Imabench looked better and Thett and Airmax had come back.
"Danielle"s in the water closet," said Airmax. He still looked a bit grumpy.
"Not anymore," said Danielle coming towards us. She blew out a match in her hand. "So, what"d everyone find?"
"I found some bandages and a carton of cigarettes," said Thett.
"Yeah, and I found my breath," said Imabench, "what about you?" He was facing me.

What should I do?
Tell them about the gun or keep it to myself