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Turning The Tides - - - Chapter Four

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6/6/2015 11:02:10 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
"Blade, take a dozen fighters and secure a perimeter around us. Make sure we weren't followed."

"Got it. Thett! Come with me!"

"No, not Thett. I need him to oversee supply count and making sure we're situated for the short term."

"What about me, Mikal? I can go with him."

"No, Cermank, I need you badly. I need you to go hunt down Daltonian and 9space. You three are gonna be my messengers and handle all the small things that I just don't have the time to handle. Go to each cabin and make sure they're situated. If they need something, get it for them. If it's not something you can get or they have a really big problem that you can't handle on your own, let me know."

The situation at the hastily constructed "New Camp Half-Blood" could only be described in a single word: Chaos. But Mikal would be damned if he couldn't bring order to the madness. He looked between his three closest friends, sharing a nod of the head with them before his group departed for their individual tasks that he assigned them with. For the first time in nearly an hour of constant mayhem, he was alone.

Mikal used this time to take a deep, much-needed breath, and examining his surroundings. A crudely erected "command tent" had been erected in the middle of the hastily constructed new camp, situated in the middle of everything, Other than having a rather fancy title, there was nothing spectacular about this tent: it was a normal tent that was large enough to house a group of people, tables, and a few boxes of supplies.

Mikal took another deep breath, trying to stabilize his emotions at the moment. The memories of the recent battle were still fresh, and Mikal wasn"t sure what to think about them. All he could think about was the dead, all of those that he couldn"t save, the friends who now wouldn"t be alive to see the setting sun. They were lives he could"ve saved had he been faster, more efficient, just better overall"

And airmax. A few tears leaked out of the young man"s eyes at the thought of Airmax sacrificing himself so that Mikal could live. Airmax was the leader of the camp. He was everyone"s mentor, like a father figure to hundreds of people. He was far more suited to be in charge right now than Mikal was. It should"ve been Mikal holding the line while the rest escaped. It should"ve been him.

Mikal had lost track of the point which he started sobbing. He had to let it out. He couldn"t take these emotions anymore. Nothing made sense to him about anything in the current situation. Everything was pure chaos and disorder, and Mikal could feel himself slipping away. When the responsibility in dire need was on his shoulders, people died. Lots of people died. And Mikal couldn"t save them. He failed his job of ensuring everyone"s safety. Why would people stick him back in charge of everyone"s safety? Especially now that there was absolutely no safety net: if they got attacked again, there is no plan B. People just saw the result of putting Mikal in charge: a lot of people who didn"t need to die or didn"t deserve to die, died.

He felt powerless. He felt weak. He felt useless. He felt --

"Mikal! Mikal! Where you at!?"

The shouting of his name woke up Mikal from his daze. He blinked a few times to gather his thoughts. He realized that he was sitting down, curled up into a ball with his knees against his chest, and he wasn"t quite sure when he got down there. He stood back up, dusting himself off. His thoughts slowly pieced themselves back together, his mind refocusing on the present and what he needed to do. He shook his head rapidly, shaking the whole incident off. It didn"t matter if he didn"t trust himself or if he didn"t believe that he could do a good job at what people wanted him to be doing. If he"s been put into a position of leadership, then, by hell or high water, he would get the job done. It was never in his nature to be a quitter.

At least, he wouldn"t quit yet.


If there was anything that Thett could be sure about in this unsteady time, it was one simple truth: even if hell froze over, Camp Half-Blood would never run out of corn and grape juice.

At least, that was just part of the inventory analysis he had made while he was working on figuring out just exactly what the recently displaced demigods had to work with. The son of Poseidon"s answer was pretty simple: a decent amount of food stuffs, some basic medical supplies -- bandages, antiseptics, antibiotics, and the like -- some demigod medical supplies -- ambrosia and nectar mostly, although there was a lot less of these than Thett wanted to admit, and various other supplies. In short, they could get by for now without starving. Which was slightly comforting to Thett.

"Knock knock."

Thett turned to the entrance of the tent he was in and smiled when Cermank walked cautiously, looking around at the various crates and boxes that were stacked tall inside the tent. Even in these ugly times, Thett could only stop and admire the daughter of Aphrodite"s beauty breathlessly. It wasn"t even as if Cermank had tried to look nice; she only wore an orange "Camp Half-Blood" tee-shirt and a pair of dark blue skinny jeans, her sandy blonde hair was tied back in a pony tail, with just a hint of her bangs hanging down in her eyes, and there were little to no signs of makeup on her face. And, despite all that, she still took the breath out of Thett"s lungs with a simple smile, with the way she illuminated any room or situation simply by being there.

She was perfect. There was no other way to say it. She was light years out of his league. Which only added to the appeal.

"Hey. Come to make sure I haven"t been buried alive in boxes?" he joked, sitting down on the top of one of the crates. She smiled at the joke, nodding as she crossed the distance that stood between them, sitting down next to him on the crate.

"Something like that. Daltonian is making sure that the Ares and Apollo cabins don"t start an all-out cabin war with each other right now and 9space is making sure that the Hephaestus cabin can get everything they need to re-establish their forges together, so I figured I"d come check on you to make sure we aren"t going to starve." she answered simply, placing both of her hands beside her, her left hand dangerously close to his right. Massive amounts of temptation tugged at him, urging him to close the distance between their hands, to take her hand in his own, if only for a moment, but he didn"t move his own hand.

"Well the short answer is no, but I hope you like corn and grape juice. The only things that we"re relatively low on that I could forsee being a problem is Ibuprofen and gauze, but there"s not a whole lot we can do about that right now short of sending a party into a city to go grocery shopping, which is probably really low on the priority list right now."

Cermank nodded simply in response, but shrugged regardless. "I agree, but I"ll bring it up with Mikal regardless. Who knows how long until Dalt and 9space try to prank us all again? We need all the Tylenol we can get our hands on." she joked lightly. Thett laughed in response, smiling at the good humor they were able to muster up in these times.

A moment of silence hung between the two of them, and Thett looked back over to her. She was looking down at the ground, a soft, thoughtful look on her face that concerned Thett. "How you holdin" up?" he asked gently. She quickly looked back up to him, giving him one of her trademark heart-stopping smiles before letting out a soft sigh.

"Even with everything going on, all the activity and the chaos, it still seems so quiet. So many people dead or missing. It"s just starting to hit me now, I guess, exactly what kind of situation we"re in." she explained, a half-disheartened tone to her voice that made Thett want to do anything within his power to make her smile again. His hand slid over toward hers, their fingers intertwining.
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6/6/2015 11:08:24 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
"Don"t think about it like that. We still have a lot of friends around us right now, and that"s something to be thankful for. And it"s like you said before -- we"ll go pay them back for what they did to us, right? We"ll find all our missing friends and dish out a butt-whooping to make the dead proud. We"ll be alright." he comforted, doing his best to sound as confident and reassuring as he possibly could. There was a short pause, then she gave Thett a soft smile that burned brighter than the hottest suns. The grip between their two hands tightened comfortingly.

"Yeah, you"re right. Sorry, I guess I was just kind of feeling down." she said softly. Another pause followed, just the two of them looking at each other"s eyes. Her lips were slightly pursed, ever so slightly parted as to fit more comfortably against another person"s lips. Thett leaned forward a little, Cermank matching him inch for inch. Her head tilted ever so slightly to the side, only inviting Thett in closer, ever so closer. Their heads were only centimeters away from each other, their lips moving closer and closer. They were so close, only just a little closer"

"Hey Cermank! I need your help! The Apollo cabin is complaining that Ares is setting up their minefield too close to the archery range and the Ares cabin is--"

The pair jumped back at the sudden appearance of Daltonian, who had a sly grin on his face. Thett mentally cursed, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly. He could see that Cermank had a bright red hue to her cheeks out of the corner of his eye. "Oh, am I interrupting something?" Daltonian asked, a falsely-innocent tone coating his voice.

Thett desperately wanted to say yes. He wanted to tell him off and say "Yeah, you interrupted me finally kissing the most beautiful girl on the face of the Earth. Kindly screw off.", but he knew that he couldn"t. "No, no you"re fine." Cermank said, taking the responsibility away from Thett. She hopped off the crate with a nod. "I"ll come help mediate. Knowing Ares they"re just being intentionally stupid. I"ll talk to you later Thett!" she replied, waving back on her way out with Dalt.

Thett just watched her go out of with a sigh before letting shaking his head slowly. He was alone again, alone with his crates of corn and grape juice. "I"ll just finish up the inventory list and take it over to Mikal"" he told himself softly, getting back to work.


9space mentally cackled like an evil villain. If there was ever a time to test his pranking prowess, it was when everyone in the camp was in a mood of hyper-vigilance.

The son of Hermes wove his way through the lines of tents, a shadow imperceivable to even the most watchful eyes. He moved without a sound, without a trace of his existence. For all effective purposes, he was as invisible as the air he breathed.

9space knew that he had to choose his target carefully. The entire camp was abuzz with activity and motion, so he had to consider carefully who and where he would prank, in order to actually hit his target. That ruled out most of the cabin tents themselves; too many people coming in and out of them to precisely target an individual. Common meeting areas such as the dining pavilion were also chopped for that same reason.

He needed somewhere that isolated enough that the only people who went there were people he could target. But it couldn't be too isolated -- how easy would it be to just set up a prank in a dark corner no one went down without being seen? No, there still needed to be a fair bit of bustle around it, to truly test his mettle...

The command tent! Only a few people went in there but there is always people around that place! The perfect location to prankify!

9space continued on, renewed purpose filling his steps. Armed with the tools of his trade, a goal in mind, the demigod was prepared for anything that may eventually come his way. There was no Plan B for him. He would succeed. No matter the cost.

It only took him a few minutes to arrive at the giant tent that served as the headquarters of the makeshift camp. Sure enough, quite the bustle of people surrounded the tent. A crowd of people was nothing to the practiced sneak, the blood of thieves flowing through his veins. Within moments, 9space walked through the flaps in the tent, with none the wiser.

The demigod trickster took a few moments to examine his surroundings, before nodding in satisfaction; the tent was empty for now. Hopefully he would have enough time to set up everything he wanted to do. The boy let his pack slide off his shoulder. It was time to get to work.


Endarkened"s eyes cracked open, if only a little.

His head pounded. His body ached. His thoughts were clouded and foggy, and his sight was hazy. The darkness of the room wasn"t helping his already fading vision. He went to rub his eyes, try to clear out the fog from his vision.

Chains jangled above him. His arm, now noticing that it was being held above his head, was suspended in shackles. His legs were clamped to the floor, resting against what felt like stone on his knees. He was trapped in the room, a captive to an unknown keyholder.

Slowly, Endarkened began recollecting the events that had lead him to this point. The sparring in the morning in the arena, the sudden and unexpected attack immediately afterwards. Serving as a distraction to ensure that more people had time to escape.

The fight. Endarkened"s memory of the fight between him and the other girl came back to his mind, and his shoulder ached, his side burned. It was a damned good fight. Endarkened looked back through his memory of the fights he had been in, of the vast plethora of fights that he had won, the scarce few that he had lost, and he couldn"t recall having faced a better fighter. Had he knew what he was getting into beforehand, he might"ve not acted as cocky and arrogant as he had when they were talking in anticipation of potentially losing.

Endarkened chuckled to himself. No, he wouldn"t have changed a thing.

A door opened, bathing the room, and his eyes, in a sudden, bright light. Two pairs of bootsteps entered the room, closing the door behind them. One of the pair had a torch in their hands, leaving the room illuminated in a dim firelight. Endarkened took that time to study the two new members to the small, cramped room club.

""Ey, look. He"s awake. W"at"ya know, th" commandah di"nt kill "im after all." A short, stocky man spoke. His arms and shoulders were muscular, but his face was seriously block-shaped. With the flattest nose he had ever seen and only a small tuft of hair in the center of his head that could barely be imagined to be a mohawk, he looked like a pudgy, steroid-binging troll doll. Endarkened mentally labeled him as Thing 1.

"Bahaha! He"ll wish he was dead soon enough though!" replied a taller, skinnier guy. Endarkened mentally scratched off the skinny description; it wasn"t anywhere near as accurate to describe how much of a bean-pole this guy was. Endarkened was surprised that he couldn"t see the poor kid"s rib cage. His face, in opposition to the block-faced midget, was way too angled, almost to the point of looking eerily similar to an ear of corn. It was as if someone had ripped a cartoon character off of television and placed that character in reality. Endarkened mentally labeled him as Thing 2.

"Yeh, but we can"t actu"lly kill "im. Th" commandah said we can"t." Thing 1 said, which such a heavy southern drawl to his voice. The sound of him mispronouncing the simplest words was grinding against Endarkened more than the shackles were.
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6/6/2015 11:10:29 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
"Yeah, but we don"t have to kill him! As long as he"s still alive we won"t get in trouble! Bahaha!" Thing 2 mocked, sending a swift kick into Endarkened"s chest. The wind was knocked out of his lungs, only giving them a soft grunt in terms of a response. Thing 1 gave a soft chuckle before sending a fist flying across Endarkened"s jaw, jerking his head to the side.

Endarkened"s mind blanked. He had imagined that something like this was a possibility. He was trained to handle these kinds of situations. He was prepared to handle this stress, day in and day out if it really came to that, until he could find a way to escape or was rescued -- although rescue seemed rather unlikely. No matter how many punches they threw his way, Endarkened wouldn't budge.

No one ever said it'd be pleasant, though. After ten minutes of continuous beating, Endarkened blacked out.


Endarkened didn't know for how long he was unconscious. When he finally came to, Thing 1 and Thing 2 had already left. They left the torch in a holder in the wall, though, which allowed Endarkened to get a decent look at the room he was being held in.

His observations were brief and unhelpful: a small room made entirely of stone with the single doorway as the only entrance and exit. His shackles were attached to two different points in the ceiling, and both looked solid enough to be resistant to tampering. In short, he wasn't getting out of this anytime soon.

The son of Ares let out a disappointed sigh before moving his head to inspect himself. As he suspected, his body was covered in scrapes, bruises and cuts from the beatings thus far. He couldn't quite look at his face, but he could feel a cut above his left eye that stung, and he could feel that his right cheek was swollen, likely bruised. A typical Tuesday night in the life of a son of the God of war and battle, but his body still complained loudly.

The door opened, flooding the dim room with light. His eyes squinted, rapidly attempting to adjust to the increased volume of light. A shadow entered his vision. The shadow changed to a figure, then into a person. Dark hair to her shoulders, maybe a little longer, that was braided into a single, thick braid. Her light green eyes shone against her tan, toned body. The only two anomalies in the rather flawless figure was a slightly bent nose with a bandage across the bridge of the nose, and a plate of food in each of her hands.

Endarkened laughed hoarsely, his throat parched. "Was wondering if I'd get to see you again. How's the nose feeling?" He joked lightly to the female, who just laughed a little.

"Would've felt better if you hadn't kept hitting it, but it's doing fine. And you? I hope the wounds haven't gotten infected. I did my best to ensure your bandages were changed regularly, but I never had the time to oversee it personally." She asked him, talking while she brought two chairs into the room before closing the door.

"No, at least I don't think they're infected. Pretty sure I'd smell it if they were. Your concern is quite touching, by the way, seeing as you were the one who gave me the wounds." he joked sarcastically. She rolled her eyes, brushing off the sarcasm.

"It was either I give them to you or you give them to me. And I doubt you would"ve been so kind as to allow me to live, had our fortunes swapped." she reasoned out, producing a key from her person. Endarkened gave his best attempt to shrug, given the circumstances of his binding.

"Fair point. Why did you let me live, by the way? The last thing I vaguely remember before I konked out was you trying to bandage me up. Why do that for someone you were just trying to kill?"

The girl paused after Endarkened asked the question. Her face looked darker, off in thought in some other distant place. Her reaction mystified him. "The fewer casualties, the better for everyone. Right?" She finally spoke, moving forward and placing the key into the shackles that held his arms above him. A few Click!s later, and his arms dropped to his sides, semi-lifeless from the lack of blood circulation. Endarkened rubbed his wrists and rotated his arms in circles, trying to get the blood flowing again.

"I suppose, although if that's why you saved me, then why attack in the first place?" Endarkened questioned, the feeling slowly coming back to his arms. He considered turning on the girl to overpower her while she was distracted, but his body ached and he wasn't sure he could even overpower her. Besides, he was more interested in hearing her story than getting some payback. Yet.

"A necessary first step. You're not going to try to tackle me again if I release your leg shackles, are you?" She replied, walking around and kneeling down behind him.

"If I was looking to try and fight you, I would've done so already. Besides, I don't really think I'm in any shape to try and fight me way out of wherever-this-place-is by myself." Endarkened reasoned out with a dark chuckle, and was rewarded with the Click! of his legs being released.

Endarkened took a few moments to try to stand up, taking his time to make sure that his legs would support him. His right leg pushed him up off the ground, slowly and shakily, but pain flared through his body when he tried to put his left foot down, almost sending him right back down.

His knee was shattered. That's right. The memory of the kick that exploded his knee came back, and the feeling of a massive throb entered his consciousness. "Riiight, that's what I forgot to bring. The next time I come I'll bring a brace and some crutches. I already brought some ambrosia, so you should be fully healed within a few days." The girl explained, laughing awkwardly.

Endarkened shut his eyes for a moment, not due to the pain of his broken knee, but the soothing tone behind her laugh. It reminded him of the wind chimes hanging from the Demeter Cabin that he, Blade, Thett and Cermank would pass after swordplay classes. It was a soft, refreshing tone. For a moment, Endarkened was able to forget about everything -- all the pain, all the fighting, all the death -- and remember fond memories.

That moment ended abruptly when he felt himself being shook back to consciousness. "Hey! Don't pass out on me." He heard the girl say before his mind came back to reality. He was back on the floor, or at least behind held up a little off the floor by the girl; she had caught him before he fell. He looked up at her to meet her eyes intently looking at him. He chuckled a little.

"Come on. You can't be that interested in this view. You've seen it once before." He risked a light joke, laughing a little at the memory of nearly dying on the battlefield.

The girl -- wait, did she just blush? -- and looked away. "I-it's not like that. I just didn't want your food to go cold while you were out! It would've been a waste of my time." She stuttered, quickly standing back up and helping Endarkened to his feet, then into the chair. He was offered the plate of food, and Endarkened's mouth flooded with the thought of food.

The plate looked absolutely amazing: a nice cut of steak -- he had to guess it was ten ounces at least, maybe more -- marinated in what smelled like a hickory-barbecue sauce, mashed potatoes covered in buttered, shredded cheese, and grounded-up bacon pieces, a medley of corn, peas, carrots, lima beans, green beans, and cut asparagus, and a fluffy, steaming roll that looked golden-brown right out of the oven. The very thought of it made his stomach violently remind him of how empty it was.

Endarkened forced himself to hesitate from digging in. Why was he being pampered? He was a prisoner. He looked up to the girl with a skeptical face. "What's the catch?" He asked carefully.
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6/6/2015 11:12:12 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
The girl seemed to shrug off his skepticism. "I get to bother you with questions for a little bit. I'll probably still ask you questions regardless of if you take the food, however, so might as well have something to enjoy during it, right?" She replied simply.

That was enough reassurance for Endarkened to begin digging in. The food was even more succulent and delicious than it looked. The meat melted in his mouth, liquid heaven flowing down his throat. The mashed potatoes were fluffy and light, rich in texture and taste with it's toppings. The vegetables were cooked perfectly and the roll was the perfect tool to mop up the remaining bits. As much as his stomach demanded him to gorge his face with food, however, Endarkened remained composed while he ate. He made no mess and with the etiquette of a high-class citizen.

After Endarkened had finished eating, he set the plate aside and adjusted himself so that he was comfortable. The girl had sat through his meal silently, watching him curiously, so he expected her to make him uphold his side of the deal.

"Was it good?" She asked him politely. Endarkened merely smiled and nodded. "Good, are you ready to answer some questions?"

Endarkened nodded again, this time less joyfully so. He wasn't sure what knowledge they would get from him, or even what information they were after in the first place, but he figured it wasn't something he was willing to disclose.

"Alright then. Just for the record, state your full name?" She started out simply.

"EndarkenedRationalist." Came the quick reply.

"Olympian Parent?"

"Ares is my dad. Mother was mortal."

She raised an eyebrow at the response. "Was? What is she now?"

"Dead." Came the blunt reply from Endarkened. Her face visibly softened, apparently not expecting that answer.

"I had no idea...I'm sorry." She apologized, a strangely comforting and sincere tone in her words.

Endarkened shrugged it off. "It's fine. Old, well healed wound."

She blinked a few times, surprised by his easy response, before nodding and looking to continue. "Back on track, then. We're aware of the present day location of Mount Olympus. What can you tell us about it's defenses?"

This time it was Endarkened's turn to blink in surprise. This was their overall plan? "I haven't the slightest clue." Endarkened lied.

That produced a small laugh from the girl. "Let's try that again, since I'm well aware that you've been to Olympus before as the cabin's head counselor. What do the defenses of Mount Olymus look like?"

The reveal of information regarding his involvement with the camp shocked Endarkened. How could she have known that? "I don't recall ever saying I was a counselor for my cabin." Endarkened probed while dodging her question.

"You didn't. Others did." She replied simply, doing nothing to allay his fears in the slightest. Sure, he probably wasn't the only camper who was captured, but why would they ask someone for a list of head counselors? What use would that information be? He couldn't think of anything.

"Care to answer my question now?" She prodded gently, yet firmly enough for him to know that not directly responding wasn't an option anymore.

He shook his head. "No, I would rather not. If you really want it out of me, you'll have to call Thing 1 and Thing 2 back in here to finish what they started."

Her eye twitched a little at the reply, clearly pissed at something. Endarkened assumed it was him. "If by that you mean have the two I assigned to watch you torture you, I assure you I made it clear to them they were not permitted to do anything like that." She spoke, muttering something under her breath that he didn't catch.

"They didn't get that memo, apparently. They hit like sissies, though, so you should probably be more upset with them about that." He joked lightly, laughing until his bruised ribs made a point to remind him how close to collapsing his body really was with a sharp, aching pain with each laugh.

She, apparently, could tell he was in pain and chuckled. "If you say so, mister tough guy. I'll have a medic come examine you later to make sure they didn't do any lasting damage. And I'll see that they are punished for having done so personally."

Endarkened had to take a few moments to digest that statement. The food, comfort, concern toward his well being, and punishment of those who harmed him were utterly confusing him. She was supposed to be holding him hostage, not having him over for a sleepover! "Uhm...thanks." He spoke, still trying to wrap his head around his treatment.

She laughed again, that sweet, soothing, melodic laugh that reminded him of good times past, eyeing him curiously, her head slightly tilted to the side. "Would you rather me let them keep hitting you?" She joked playfully, bringing Endarkened's mind back to the present.

"No, I'm good. Just a little confused at my treatment here. If being a prisoner of war is always this comfy, I could get used to living like this." Endarkened joked back, earning a chuckle from his captor.

"Like I said, our fight isn't with you, but rather your parents. So long as you're here, you're not a threat to us. So there isn't a reason you shouldn't be treated with a little civility." She said, opening her mouth to continue before being interrupted by a knock on the door.

"That would probably be my advisor. Which means I'm probably late to some meeting or other. I'll see what I can do about setting you up somewhere nicer and getting you some help for your injuries." She finished, standing up and walking for the door.

"Not gonna lock me back up?" Endarkened asked curiously, still remaining seated in his chair. She looked back, a soft smile on her lips.

"Nope. I trust you enough to believe you'll behave yourself." She replied simply enough, opening the door and exiting the room, shutting the door behind her.

Endarkened blinked a few times, half trying to adjust to the now dimly lit room and half trying to process the encounter. A few moments transpired before a soft chuckle left his lips. He slouched a little in his chair, using his good foot to fish for the second chair and pull it closer to him. He propped his feet up on the second chair, leaned back, and got comfortable for the long wait ahead.

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