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Interactive Story Chapter 3

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6/9/2015 7:20:27 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
Chapter 3

"I didn"t find anything," I said. It was a lie, but I had to keep my gun a secret.

"You done with your time-out, Airmax?" said Imabench. Airmax looked away from him.

"I"I"m sorry I snapped at you guys. It"s just"I have a temper, you know?" said Airmax. He looked embarrassed.

"And I"m sorry for hitting you," Danielle said.

"It"s alright," Airmax said.

"No, no it really isn"t," Danielle said. She looked really ashamed of herself.

"We can talk about this later," Thett said, "We need to come up with a plan. Besides, you"re the one who said the ceiling could fall in on us, remember?"

"And I also seem to recall that you"re the one who suggested we hide in the tube," Airmax replied.

"Cut it you two," Imabench jumped in, "let"s not have another b*tchfest."

"Right, well, let"s just head to the nearest station and get out from there. The entrance here"s covered in rubble," Airmax said.

"How astute," I thought.

"There"s a map of the tube system over there," Danielle said, pointing to the map on the wall.

"So we"re here at Peckham Rye," Thett said putting his finger on where we were, "then the closest station is Queens Road Peckham. So let"s just walk along the rails until we reach our destination."

We climbed down from the platform and onto the rails. We started heading off in the direction towards Queens Road Peckham.

"Careful not to step on a rat," Imabench joked. We only had the glow of his oil lamp to light the way.

"Hey," I asked, "what other things do you have in your backpack?"

"Let"s see," Imabench said, "I have a packet of matches, a canteen of water, a knife, a blanket, and some munchies."

"Enough for all of us?" Danielle asked.

"I got enough for about"three people. Four if we"re really sparing," Imabench replied. An awkward silence filled the tunnels. There were five of us, and only enough food for three or four people.

It didn"t take long for us to get to the next station. There was a train stopped in the station. We climbed up onto the platform and were going to go into the train when we heard voices.

"Come on," one said.

"No, it"s not safe," said another.

We looked at each other and had the same thought: looters.

We quickly scrambled to find hiding spots. Imabench turned off the lamp and we were plunged into darkness. I crawled my way towards the far wall of the station and hid behind, from what I could tell, a bench. I didn"t know where everyone else went.
The voices and footsteps got louder. Soon, the glow from the looters" oil lamp illuminated the station. I could count six of them. Two had rifles.

"The ground could collapse in on us!" one said.

"If you"re scared then leave," another said.

"I"m not scared, Innomen, I"m just concerned for our safety," replied the first one.
"So what you"re saying is; you"re scared," the one called Innomen said.

"Cut it you two," said one holding a rifle, "We"re just here for shelter."

"And that is EXACTLY why I don"t want to be here. If the ground could fall in on us, we"d be better off sleeping roofless above," said the first one.

Thanks to the light, I could see where a few of my friends had gone. Thett hid inside the train. He was laying on top of a seat to look out the window. Danielle was a few rows ahead of him. She was on her knees looking out the window. I could see them through the train windows. They were also watching what was happening. Thankfully the looters had their backs to them.

Imabench hid behind another bench on the other side of the station. He had gotten his knife out. I couldn"t see where Airmax had gone though.

"Well, I don"t want to sleep out in the open. Someone might come along and rob us, or worse," said the girl holding the oil lamp.

"That"s why we have rifles," said the first.

"I"m with Freedo," said another one, "I"d much rather have someone trained with a gun protect us than sleep under a roof that could fall in on us."

"Great," I thought, "they actually know how to USE their rifles."

"Thanks Koopin," said the one called Freedo.

"Oh come on," said Innomen, "you guys saw the building up there. They were completely obliterated! Blown sky-high! Not a single roof on them. Besides, it could rain, and we need someplace dry to stash our supplies."

Suddenly there was the sound of a body hitting a metal floor. I looked over the train and saw Thett climbing up onto the seat. He had fallen off.

"Hey, what was that?" Freedo said.

"Is someone there?" Innomen said, "Come out! We"re armed!"

"Sh*t, look!" said Koopin, "someone"s there!" He pointed to the train windows. Thett and Danielle ducked down.

The two with the rifles held them up and slowly advanced towards the train door. I looked over at Imabench. He had his knife ready. He looked poised to strike. He nodded at me for approval.

What should I do?
Nod for approval or shake my head for him to wait