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Movies I wish I could watch but can't

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6/15/2015 5:13:57 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
List of movies I wish I could watch for free online but cannot:
-The Phone Call [for some reason this Oscar winning short can't be found for free online... VERY interesting plot too]
-The One Second Film [So, let me get this straight. I can find a movie that's over a day long. I can find four hour movies. I can watch 5 minute movies, or 5 second movies, and even the two-almost-three second roundhay garden scene. But I just can't watch ONE second of animation followed by 60 minutes of credits. Great.]
-(Soon to come....and it hasn't come out yet...but I KNOW I won't be able to watch it) Ambiance. Sure, they might release it on DVD, but who's gonna leave a camera on for 720 hours and then upload the MASSIVE video on solarmovie or putlocker? Nobody. You'd be lucky if someone went to upload the first day of that movie.
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