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Interactive Story (Chapter 4)

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8/4/2015 2:09:10 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
It"s finally here!
Chapter 4
After what felt like an eternity, I nodded my head for approval. Imabench sprinted towards the looters, knife raised. I hesitated, wondering if I should use my gun but decided against it. I sprinted. The one called Innoman must have heard us coming because he turned to face us. Imabench swung and cut deep into Innoman"s shoulder. He screamed. I jumped the guy with the lamp. He fell down and dropped the lamp. Fortunately, it didn"t break. I saw someone tackle Imabench to the ground, knocking the knife out of his hand and it fell off the edge of the platform.
The guys with guns were distracted by us fighting, which allowed Thett to come up behind one and get him in a headlock. He dropped the rifle. Danielle kicked the other in the back, sending him sprawling. He recovered and picked up his gun. He turned to Danielle and took a shot at her. He missed and she ducked behind Thett, who said, "Don"t shoot! I"ve got him in a headlock."
I felt the sixth guy trying to pull me off the lamp guy. I was punching him in the face. He was shouting. "Stop! No! He"s got a bad heart!" That made stop and look at the guy I was beating up. Though his nose was bleeding I could tell he was about 60-years-old. I remembered his name was Koopin.
I stood him up and got him in a headlock. "We"re not kidding here," I said, "We don"t want to but we"ll break their necks if we have to." I hoped it wouldn"t come to that.
"Let Koopin go!" shouted what I remembered to be Freedo. He had Imabench in a headlock as well. The sixth guy picked up a dropped rifle and pointed it at me. Innoman was groaning on the floor.
"We have two hostages, you got one!" shouted Danielle.
"Thanks for reducing me to a bargaining chip," said Imabench.
"Are there anymore of you?" said Freedo.
"No," I lied.
With everyone"s attention either on me or Thett, they didn"t notice Airmax climb up onto the platform, wielding Imabench"s knife. He snuck up behind Freedo and plunged the knife into his back. He screamed and let go of Imabench. Innoman turned to face them and shot at Airmax, hitting him in the side. The other guy with the gun kept switching his sights between me and Thett while the sixth guy was dealing with Airmax.
"Get on your knees!" shouted the sixth guy. Imabench complied. Airmax lay groaning on the ground. Freedo lay in a pool of his own blood, twitching. The knife must have hit a nerve. He appeared to be unconscious.
"No one else, huh? You f*cking liar," said the sixth guy.
"Please," said Danielle, "just let us go. We don"t want to hurt your friends."
"That"s f*cking b*llocks," replied the sixth guy, "you say that right after you stab my pal in the back. Before that, you cut Innoman."
"He has a point," I thought.
"Let go of them or I"ll blow your pal"s brains out," he said. Pointing his gun at Imabench"s head.
"I suggest you comply," Imabench said, "not too keen on dying early."
What should I do?
Hold on to Koopin or let him go

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