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Street Trash

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8/28/2010 9:00:52 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
I'm a horror movie freak from waaaay back and I've always heard about the legendary "melt movie". Well I saw it and I have to say: It didn't disappoint. It was one of the most horrible movie experiences I've ever bear witness to.
I give you Street Trash:

A man taking over a bottleshop finds a box of 60 year old 'liquor' in the basement. He starts selling it for a buck a bottle. The local bums buy it and upon drinking one mouthful melt into a pile of sludge. Theres gangsters and thug cops and crazy army vets... For 80s horror cheese I give it a 7/10. The melt scenes are pretty disgusting.
The iconic man flushing himself down the toilet is iconic for a reason.

Is this the only melt movie or just the best known one? I'm sure I can remember a friend of mine's family watching a melt movie when I was younger and I don't think it was this one...