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Android Funny Application " Memes Generator

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9/29/2015 7:16:58 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
Desi Memes is an app that provides you with the hilarious opportunity to generate funny Desi Memes of your own choice from the browse-able categories of politics, movies, actors, TV Ads, sports, animals, Drama and Music. Each module incorporates chunks entailing pictures in different sarcastic and humorous angles.

Download Desi Memes Generator From Playstore

What you can do with Desi Memes?
" You can tap a category and select picture seems fascinating to you.
" Picture provides the customized settings to add suitable text of your own choice.
" For convenience, an example has been incorporated to let the user know regarding its usage.

Create your own Memes:
One can create one"s own meme by selecting pictures from gallery, which will eventually be saved in My Memes folder for easy access.

Sharing is fun:
Nothing holds the fun until share with friends. The convention of sharing memes has become a ritual of amusement and has embedded in this Android App. Edit, create, and share the memes on your favorite social medium.

Other features include:
Customized text options of change color, font size and style along bookmarking.
Download this app and double the Desi fun in Desi style.