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Theory: Pokemon Universe

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10/20/2015 4:40:57 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
I'm bored, I've been watching too many YouTube pokemon theory videos, and I'm waiting for my brother to get out of the shower so I can go, so I decided I'd speculate on the nature and history of the Pokemon world as shown in the canon material such as the main games and anime.

On a hypothetical map of the Pokemon world, it would be seen that Hoenn is the southernmost known region. Kanto and Johto are geographically one region, with Johto being the western half of that region and Kanto being the eastern half. The Kanto-Johto region is in between Hoenn and Sinnoh, which is the northernmost known region. The in-game location of Unova and Kalos is unknown, though Unova has been stated to be fairly far away from the other regions.
These 6 regions share many things in common, most notably the National Pokedex, a uniform system of Pokemon centers, Pokemon Gyms and Leagues, a standard Pokeball system, and so on. It's been speculated that these six regions are divisions of one larger nation.
The Pokemon world is roughly parallel to the real world. In the real world, 70 years ago the world emerged from a massive world war and a new international system of economic, military, political, and humanitarian cooperation emerged, with the world being governed by a set of international laws. It is shown that high-tech and destructive human weaponry does exist in the Pokemon world. It has also been shown that, despite their super-human resilience, Pokemon are capable of being critically injured or even killed.
Therefore, it's likely that about 70 years prior to the beginning of the series the Pokemon world went through its own version of WW2, involving military technology roughly equivalent to that of the real-life WW2 or perhaps slightly more advanced. In my scenario, a political union between the Kanto and Johto nations occurs, creating a new nation called the Common State. The Common State was imperialist and ambitious (being in between Sinnoh and Hoenn, giving it a massive historic trade advantage, and having combined all resources and population, the Common State would be the economic and military superpower of the Pokemon world at this time), and around 70 years ago it invaded Hoenn and Sinnoh. Both were occupied. However, the remnant of the former militaries of both nations survived and they combined forces with the militaries of Unova and Kalos, which were also being threatened by the Common State's war of conquest. In a large-scale military campaign the coalition forces the Common State's war machine to a halt, liberating Hoenn and Sinnoh, and begins a counter-assault. After a storming of the beaches of Olivine City, Coalition forces begin their invasion of Johto. After capturing Goldenrod City, capital of Johto, they move eastward and eventually succeed in capturing Celadon and Saffron City, effectively capturing the capital of the Common State and defeating it.
In the aftermath of the war a new international system was devised through a series of post-war conventions. The Pokemon Center system is established uniformly in all 6 regions (the only major differences being stuff like uniforms), with the prominent and influential Joy family running all its locations. The prominent Jenny family is put in charge of a newly established and uniform law enforcement agency that exists across all 6 regions. The National Pokedex is eventually created and implemented in all six regions. And, of course, all six regions unite under a single government, the Union of Regions. Universal Pokeball and Pokemon trainer standards are put into place and the Pokemon League sporting competition, for the purpose of fostering greater interest in Pokemon training, is created, a Pokemon League eventually existing in every region (except for Johto) and the Pokemon gym leaders being in every region. Special reservations where Pokemon can live without fear of being captured by humans are set aside, for these conventions also concern the effects of human population growth and growing urbanization upon a world which was initially inhabited primarily by Pokemon and where Pokemon are increasingly threatened by human encroachment in their natural habitats. Strict gun control laws are put into effect, though these laws are not enforced in certain rural areas and criminal organizations such as Team Rocket have a very large arsenal of military-grade weaponry. The Pokemon World is a strange but somehow harmonious combination of Liberal politics (emphasis on a clean environment, harmony with nature, and Pokemon rights) and rugged individualism granted to humans by the power being a Pokemon Trainer provides.

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