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Superhero Novel

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12/8/2015 11:11:56 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
I am working on a superhero novel. It is a female character. The info is below.

Name: Emily Banks
Superhero Alias: (I need a some help with this one)
Powers/Abilities/Skills: Limited Speed (She can only run at 2700 mph for 24 hours in total before she has to recharge. Recharge takes 4 days)/ Quick Thinker/ Master Martial Artist/ Mind Control

Passions: She is passionate about destroying ISIS
Greatest Desire: Peace in our time
Main Flaw: over-Confident
Values: Loyalty, Honesty, Forgiveness
Opponent: Former President running for re-election
Opponent's advantages: Resources/Friends in high places/ Immortality

Emily Banks Backstory:
Currently known information is as follows:
"Emily got into the political business at the age of 21. She got married to Elijah Banks when she was 28. When she was 29, Emily and Elijah had a daughter named Iris. Sadly when Emily was 30, her daughter, only a year old, a retaliation attack on the USA was made by ISIS. In the midst of the fight ISIS dropped a radiation bomb on Jacksonville, Florida. The bomb killed Emily's husband and daughter. This bomb severely injured Emily and put her in a coma for 4 years. When she woke up at the age of 34, she discovered she had abilities. For a little over a year Emily trained herself in using her abilities. When she was 35 she decided to run for president, hoping that when she was elected, she would destroy ISIS."

So what do you guys think? Any suggestions? This my first legit novel that I will be making, so I am completely open to sensible opinions. Also if you could help me with a good superhero name for Emily, and a good Villain name for her opponent, that would be awesome!

I appreciate all of your help! :)
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