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Henry Rollins

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4/14/2016 12:59:09 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
Not that familiar with him as I never got into hard core punk, but found some of his interviews interesting. This is one of them.

He's absolutely spot on. I grew up on Nugent, Kiss, Aerosmith, etc. I've seen Nugent a number of times, and Kiss once (unfortunately post Ace Frehley). Great musicians yes, but.....some of the corniest most ridiculous things are stated by hard rockers on stage in between songs. Of course the addressing the crowd as the city they are performing in is one of them as Mr. Rollins noted.

One of the cheesiest of all time:

(Paraphrasing) Now I knowwwww none of you came here to be mellow tonight. Anyone come here to be mellow can turn around and get the f*ck out of hee-uh.

In case there's any confusion. If you ever go to a Ted Nugent concert, he most definitely (in a sense) wants you to be mellow. He doesn't want you to be bored, but prefers you stay situated where you're at (sitting or standing). Yes...enjoying his music. Moving around a bit to show you're into his sound. Yelling a bit to show your approval of his tunes. But, no he doesn't want you to start a riot which could end up damaging much of his equipment, or shoot an arrow from a bow gun that could kill his drummer, etc. No...he does not want violence to be in the air that night.

Any thoughts on this or any other of his vids?