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Nerve In Real Life?

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7/5/2016 3:32:24 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
There's an upcoming movie that I'm really looking forward to watching! It's called Nerve and it's about this online game that pays you cash to do dangerous things! This is not really a new concept as I have seen so many movies with this same plot:
Would You Rather?
13 Sins

Nerve is nothing new as there have been many movies with a plot similar to that of Nerve's!

Nerve is an online version of Truth or Dare with truth being watchers and dare being players, in my opinion!

My question is this. Is it possible that there are actual games like Nerve in real life because that would be scary af!!

Unlike the main character in Nerve, I would NEVER purposefully put my life in danger just because a few people told me to play this sketchy-looking game! I'm not that gullible! I'm not even gullible!